A look at Rookie QB's and some random news


by Felipe Dominguez
Typically you see all the hype surrounding these “hot shot” quarterbacks that are tearing up the college ranks and you salivate if you are one of those unfortunate fans that happen to be sitting on a below .500 team that seems to sink even further each and every week Turing the NFL season.  You fantasize about your team earning that number one draft spot and having them take that “savior” that will lead you back to the promise land and land that Lombardi Trophy straight in the hands of the owner of the team.
This years heir apparent…..drum roll please.
“With the third pick in the NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select….
Matt Ryan, Quaterback, Boston College”

Atlanta Fans went nuts and some not so nuts as the thought of Michael Vick still left a bad taste in their mouths, but a good, clean, promising quarterback brought hope back to a franchise that has turned from a perennial playoff team, to that of a team in turmoil and don’t get me started on Joe Horn screaming to the top of his lungs “LET ME OUT!!”
Then, with just about as much surprise as your crisp five dollar bill that you can count on Grandma for every Christmas….
“With the eighteenth pick in the NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens select…
Joe Flacco, Quarterback, Delaware”
Another team in dire need of a qb ever since Steve McNair retired and Kyle Boller became the second coming of Rex Grossman.  But isn’t that exactly what happens with these quarterbacks?  A roll of the dice I would say.
Remember Ryan Leaf going to San Diego?  Remember Akili Smith going to Cincinnati?  Jeff George, Andre Ware, Heath Shuler, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, the list goes on and on and on.
So with all of that, there goes Matt Ryan into his first preseason game and a respectable 9-15 passing, 117 yards and a TD.  Nice game for the new kid who is supposed to make Atlanta forget about pitbulls and gambling and such. 
Joe Flacco?  0-3 as Boller was given the bulk of the snaps and went 11-15 passing, 102 yards and an interception.
Face it, there is a revolving door at quarterback and teams are scrambling around to gather up as many as they can to see which one of the bunch is the one who is going to stick.  Everyone remembers the list from above.  Coaches do.  Players do.  Owners do.  Fans do. 
The fact is, teams can often lead these quarterbacks to disaster as the insert them into games they have no business of being in, hoping that they can spark some sort of life into their offense.  You don’t always get a Troy Aikman or a Peyton Manning or a Ben Rothlesberger in the first round and you rarely find a Tom Brady or a Tony Romo just lying around.  It’s a gamble you are going to have to take.  This year?  My money is on a kid that has the chore of bringing the Raiders back to life.  Jamarcus Russel.  Then there is the kid in Cleveland named Brady Quinn who is creeping up every so close to incumbent starter Derrick Anderson.
This year, don’t count on Flacco, Henne in Miami or Matt Ryan to make a splash.  They can get you out of a Fantasy Football hell during those bye weeks where your superstars have gone to the bench, but those 2nd year rookies are worth a look at before you are persuaded to take one of these guys. 
Ryan will get the start for Atlanta.  They don’t have a choice.  Don’t wait for magic, that only happens in fairy tales.  Flacco has a fight on his hands with Kyle Boller having more NFL experience.  Chad Pennington just told Chad Henne, not today you ain’t.  So be careful when drafting these rookie qbs or even your second year starters.  They may look good on paper.  They may look good in preseason, but when a stout NFL defense gets ahold of these kids, its “red headed step child syndrome.”
NFL notes:
–         Brett Favre is being reported as “fatigued” after his fifth day of camp.  Not promising is it?  I guess Coach McCarthy was right when he said that it seems Brett was not ready to play for the Pack.  Brett, Brett, Brett……nevermind.
–         Packers in the meantime are happy with the solid performance Aaron Rodgers turned in.  It’s preasons, yes, but this kid is going to be a stud.
–         Plaxico Burress was in practice for the New York Giants finally.  Don’t get overly excited.  He’s doing things he feels comfortable doing as his ankle is still bothering him.  He didn’t participate full tilt with the team, but did his route running and pass catching as a sign of him getting better.
–         The Miami Dolphins cut Jay Feely, Kicker.  He’s a favorite during Fantasy Football drafts so be on the lookout to see if he’s signed before drafting him.
–         Joe Horn is being reported as desperately seeking a way out of Atlanta.  The 36 year old WR has had it and can only see things getting worst.
–         Chris Henry, the former Bengal WR is still looking for a job with only few teams showing any interest.



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