And We’re Back!!


First I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words they left during what turned into a much longer than expected break. It truly humbles me and I appreciate all of the support. That said, the break is over now and we’re back at it!

How things are going to work moving forward, I’m not entirely sure. That said I’m going to be here, posting as much as I can moving forward (though I can’t promise that it will be at quite the same pace as I have previously done, as life does change in regards to family and work). After nearly 12 years of running the site without a real break, the vacation was necessary but it’s over now.

As for the Draft Guide, I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to where things stand. The honest answer for 2021 is I’m not sure. I hope to have an update on that in the next few days, so keep checking back.

Again I apologize for the delayed absence, but it provided a much needed reboot for me. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with everyone once again, however shape and form the site ultimately moves forward in.


  1. Hello Professor,

    Great to see you back! Glad you are doing better. Your content has been missed dearly by many. Looking forward to the Draft Guide in whatever form it takes. Thanks for the update sir!

  2. Welcome back, RP. Hey if you need help with baseball content I wrote about 10 articles for this site a few years ago and would be interested in writing some more if you need writers. Email me at bannockburnone at gm. –Will


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