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All Star Break = Hall of Fame Debate

by Tim Barrett

Each year during the All Star break, my friends and I debate on which current players are future Hall of Famers. The criteria are simple – if a player’s career ended today, would he be inducted? It’s based on what he has done, not what he will do or where he will finish.

There was plenty of debate over Albert Pujols, as well as Chipper Jones & Roy Halladay, both voted in even though they don’t have typical HOF numbers. Most were in agreement that Halladay’s perfect game & no-hitter cinched the deal. Chipper doesn’t have the numbers until you compare them to the other 3B in the Hall of Fame.

After the debate, we all vow to try to see as many of these guys in person as possible. (Having the Nats & Os in our area makes it easier to see both NL & AL players)

So, let’s take a look at the players….

The “No Brainers”:

Alex Rodriguez – .302 AVG, 2,762 H, 626 HR, 1,883 RBI, 305 SB, 3 Times MVP, 14 All Stars
Steroid controversy is a blemish but he’s still hitting Read more

The Rotoprofessor’s 2010 Hall of Fame Ballot

With Major League Baseball recently revealing the players on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot, I though I would weigh in on who I would vote for.  Let’s take a look:

The Definites:
Roberto Alomar – Everyone remembers him for the spitting incident and the latter years, which certainly has left a black eye on his career.  It’s unfortunate, because he was one of the best offensive second baseman of all-time.  He hit .300 or better in nine out of ten seasons from 1992-2001.  He was a 1o time Gold Glove Award winner (a record for second baseman) and a 12 time All-Star.  No matter what happened, he belongs to be remembered for his accomplishments.

Andre Dawson – He was the 1977 NL Rookie of the Year.  He was the 1987 NL MVP.  He was an eight time All-Star.  He was an eight-time Gold Glove Award winner.  For a time, he was one of the most feared and dominant hitters in the game, which is really the most telling statement.  He deserves to be inducted and after falling just 44 votes shy in 2009, this could be the year he finally gets recognized for his accomplishments.

Mark McGwire – Steroids or not, he was one of the people who helped to bring the game back after the strike cancelled the 1994 World Series.  He should be regarded as one of the best sluggers in the game and, in theory, what he did was not against the rules of baseball when he was playing.  He should get the recognition he deserves. Read more

Hall of Fame Debate – Dale Murphy

The voters don’t seem to think Dale Murphy belongs in the Hall of Fame, giving him just 11.5% of the vote this past season.  Are they right?  Ryan Lester of and I return with our newest Hall of Fame Debate to analyze just that.

The Numbers
2180 Games
7960 At Bats
.265 Batting Average
.346 On-base %
.469 Slugging %
1197 Runs
2111 Hits
350 Doubles
39 Triples
398 HRs
1266 RBI
986 Walks
161 SBs Read more

Hall of Fame Debate – Jack Morris

It’s been a little while, but with the Hall of Fame inductions set to be announced next week, Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends and I are back to debate Jack Morris’ Hall of Fame worthiness.

The Numbers
254 Wins (40th All-time)
3.90 ERA
2478 Strikeouts (31st All-time)
3824 Innings (49th All-time)
527 starts (35th All-time)
175 Complete Games
28 Shutouts

The Awards
World Series MVP
5 All-Star Appearances
Received MVP votes in 5 seasons
Recieved Cy Young votes in 7 seasons Read more

Hall of Fame Debate – Bernie Williams

It’s that time of the week again, as Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends and I team up once again to debate the Hall of Fame credentials of one of the games greats.  This week, we look at the Yankees’ Bernie Williams and if he is deserving of induction or not.  We certainly have two extremely different views, so let’s take a look: 

2076 Games
7869 At Bats
.297 Batting Average
1366 Runs
2336 Hits
449 Doubles
55 Triples
287 Home Runs
1257 RBI
1069 Walks (84th All-time)
147 Stolen Bases

Eight .300 Seasons
Eight 100+ Run Seasons
Six 30+ Double Seasons
One 30+ HR Season
Five 100+ RBI Seasons

Playoffs: 121 Games, 128 hits in 465 at bats (.275), 83 Runs, 29 Doubles, 22 HR, 80 RBI, 71 Walks, 8 Steals, 4 World Series Ring Read more

Hall of Fame Debate – Tim Raines

Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends have decided to make this a weekly column as we got some great feedback from last week’s look at Mark McGwire.  This week we take a look at one of the better leadoff hitters in the history of the game, Tim Raines.  Let’s take a look at his credentials before getting to each of our opinions on his candidacy:

2502 Games (50th All-time)
8872 At Bats (70th ll-time)
1571 Runs (49th All-time)
.294 Batting Average
.385 On-base %
.425 Slugging %
2605 Hits (71th All-time)
430 Doubles
113 Triples
170 Home Runs
980 RBI
1330 Walks (33rd All-time)
148 Intentional Walks (44th All-time)
808 Stolen Bases (5th All-time) Read more