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Hall of Fame Debate – Mark McGwire

For those of you who know me know that my love for baseball is not just focused on fantasy leagues, but for the history of the game itself.  With that said, Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends and I have decided to team up and debate Mark McGwire’s Hall of Fame worthiness.

Played 1986-2001 (16 Seasons)
1874 Games
6187 At Bats
.263 Batting Average
.394 On-base % (77th All-time)
.588 Slugging % (9th All-time)
1167 Runs
1626 Hits
252 Doubles
6 Triples
583 Home Runs – (8th All-time)
1414 RBI – (65th All-time)
1317 Walks – (35th All-time)
12 Stolen Bases
3639 Total Bases Read more