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Player to Avoid: Michael Cuddyer

Michael Cuddyer was a disappointment, not only in 2008 but 2007 as well.  Last season it was injuries that limited him to just 249 AB (and 3 HR), but in 2007 it was just inability to produce.  In fact, even when healthy last season it’s not like he looked very good.  The numbers were:

249 At Bats
.249 Batting Average
3 Home Runs
36 RBI
30 Runs
5 Stolen Bases
.330 On Base Percentage
.369 Slugging Percentage
.286 Batting Average on Balls in Play

What happened to the player who hit .284 with 24 HR, 109 RBI and 102 R in 2006?  Those 2008 numbers are a far cry from that, but there are reasons in the numbers to bring hope to owners.

First of all, the BABIP.  Is there any doubt that the number has to go up from where it was last season?  He’s carrying a career .313 number and I have to believe that he would bounce back to a number somewhere in that range, give or take.  That should put his average back into.270-.275 range for the season, obviously not a number that is going to turn your team into an average juggernaut, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt you either.  Read more

Player to Avoid: Ryan Garko

After hitting 21 HR in 2007 heading into his age 27 season, everyone was sitting back waiting for the greatness of Ryan Garko to fully shine full.  Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as the only way to describe Garko’s 2008 was significant disappointment.  Let’s take a look at just how bad it was:

495 At Bats
14 Home Runs
90 RBI
61 Runs
0 Stolen Bases
.273 Batting Average
.404 Slugging Percentage
.346 On Base Percentage
.306 Batting Average on Balls in Play

Not only did his home runs drop by 7, but his doubles fell as well (29 to 21), meaning that it was just a disappointment all the way around.  His HR/FB fell to 8.1%, so there is some room for growth, but just how much?  You would have thought that 2008 would have been the season that he grew and matured into a bigger power threat, but it wasn’t to be.  At this point, I don’t know that I can be convinced that an excessive power season is coming.

Part of the concern is the amount of playing time Garko will receive in 2009.  With the emergence of Kelly Shoppach, there’s a chance that the team shifts Victor Martinez over to first base on at least a semi regular basis, in an effort to keep both in the line-up.  With a healthy Travis Hafner in a position to fill the DH (and hopefully return to form, but that’s a conversation for another day), there’s only so many at bats to go around. Read more