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Question of the Night: How Do You Value Neftali Feliz?

The Texas Rangers are clearly unsure of what role they want to utilize Neftali Feliz in for 2011.  Should he start?  Should he close?  That dilemma puts his value for fantasy owners a bit in question.

We all know the talent he has.  He proved it in ’10 working as the closer when he compiled a 2.73 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 71 K and 40 saves over 69.1 innings of work.  If he remains in the bullpen we all know that he is going to be one of the elite options in the league and a solid pick on draft day.  However, what happens if the Rangers ultimately decide that Feliz brings more value to the team in the rotation?  Are we 100% sure that he is going to be anything that even resembles those numbers (obviously, highly unlikely)?  Having been limited in 2010, how many innings will he even be able to pitch?

So, the question for tonight is how are you currently valuing Feliz?  How early are you willing to spend a draft pick on him?  How much money are you willing to pony up at your auction?

Question of the Night: Where Will You Draft Chase Utley?

The news on Chase Utley’s knee has not been good of late.  While we don’t know the extent of the problems, there are significant concerns after a cortisone shot was ineffective. 

What makes matters worse for fantasy owners is the complete unknown.  No one knows how much time he may miss, so how exactly do you value him?  Drafting him in the second round, where he had been going, could be a complete bust.  How can you use that early of a pick on a player who, for all we know, may not play for a few months?

So, that’s the question for tonight.  Given the uncertainty, where would you be comfortable drafting Utley?  Or, if you are in an auction league, how much would you be willing to spend on him?

Question of the Night: Kinsler or Uggla?

As of right now I have Ian Kinsler slightly ahead of Dan Uggla in my second base rankings for standard leagues, though it is extremely close.

  • Kinsler is injury prone, seemingly costing him time every season, but he brings 20/20 potential and is now back to hitting atop a high-powered offense.
  • Uggla has as much power as any 2B, but strikes out a ton and runs the risk of hitting for a poor average.

So, the question for the night is which of these two 2B would you draft if you had the choice and why?

Question of the Night: Average vs. OBP

We all know there are different ways to setup your league, so let’s hear which one you prefer and why.  Would you prefer to play in a 5×5 league that utilizes average or are you a believer of OBP being part of the mix?

I’m very curious to see how people feel on this, as it is pretty split.  So, let’s hear which side of the fence you are on!

Question of the Day: Would You Draft Mat Latos?

Next week I plan on writing an article looking at Mat Latos, as there is a clear dissension among people when ranking him.  The big question out there is concern over the number of innings he threw in 2010:

  • 2009 – 123.0 innings between Single-A, Double-A & the Majors
  • 2010 – 184.2 innings all in the Majors

It’s that increase of 50+ innings that have people concerned.  Is he a bigger injury risk thanks to the increase?  That’s the question of the day.  Is the increase in innings enough to cause you to shy away from Latos?  Or, are you among those who do not put much stock in that theory?  Let’s hear where you stand on this debate!

Question Of The Night: Nelson Cruz In The Third Round?

When I posted my outfield rankings this morning (click here to view) I had the Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz ranked at #14.  Overall I have him ranked at #55.  However, when you look at Mock Draft Central, his current ADP is 32.58, meaning he is going in the third round on average.

Given his injury history that seems like a huge stretch to me.  Granted, he is an extremely talented player, when he is on the field.  That’s a huge caveat, as he has never played in more than 128 Major League games in any season.

Upside is one thing, but in the first three rounds I know that I want a little bit more certainty.  There is just no guarantee that he plays in more than 100 games in 2011, meaning that the risk outweighs the reward.  Included in the outfielders being drafted after him are Andre Ethier and Andrew McCutchen, two players I would much rather select.

I will go into this topic in much more detail in the coming weeks, but let’s get this discussion started now.  Do you see Nelson Cruz as a potential third round selection?  Why or why not?