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Reader Mock Draft #3 – Breaking Down The Standout Picks (C. Gomez In The 2nd Round & More)

by Ivar G. Anderson

The fourth in our series of mock drafts took place last Wednesday night, with 12 teams joining to participate. I was nearly a no-show, having experienced major computer problems (browser hijackers are insidious), but did manage to join the draft midway into the proceedings.  Fortunately, one of the fine fellows from CouchManagers, BaseballGuy (Jimi) was also in the draft and able to start things, albeit a few minutes late. We also had another total no-show in the 12th position, and I will be discussing how that affected things below.

Next week’s draft will be on Wednesday, March 12 at 8:30 PM (barring any unforeseen computer problems on my end), with 11 spots open and employing the standard 23 roster slots (one catcher, one U, MI and CI each, 10 pitchers).  Click on the link above, and use the password roto5 to join.

The results that I am discussing can be located on Google Drive, by using the link at the beginning of this paragraph, if you have an interest in seeing how everyone picked. Below is my analysis, consisting of those picks that make me go Hmmm.

Rounds 1-7
The first round proceeded swimmingly, with no surprises, but you will see that the 12th and 13th picks were two first basemen, Prince Fielder and Edwin Encarnacion.  Having a CI slot to fill, this is not a horrible thing to have happen, but with the last pick in the 3rg round and the first pick in the 4th, our absentee drafter picked two shortstops, Jose Reyes and Jean Segura. Then with his pick in the 5th, slugger2659 took yet another first baseman in Allen Craig, who in my opinion was an early pick and with the selection of Ryan Zimmerman at 6.1, pretty much a handcuffing of the team with regard to his draft options. Aside from the Craig pick, I have no real objections to any of the players being taken when they were, I just would not have ignored pitching and/or outfield options so dramatically.

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Reader Mock Draft #2 – Breaking Down The Standout Picks (Braun In The 2nd Round & More)

by Ivar Anderson

We held our third mock draft this past Thursday night.  This time we had 12 teams signed up to draft, although we did again have two no-shows.  I cannot stress enough that if you sign up, please attend the draft as autopicks throw off the results.  As you can see from the draft results posted here, one of our absentee drafters took three 3B in the early rounds.

Next week’s draft will be held on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 8:30 PM EST.  The link to join is here.  Password is roto4.  The draft will be a 12 team snake draft, with our usual 23 roster spots, which include a CI, MI, U and 10 pitchers.  Only one catcher, though, as that is one of my basic rules.

On to the analysis, or as I tend to refer to it, “Picks that make me go hmmm.”

Rounds 1-7
Nothing out of the ordinary in round one again, with Paul Goldschmidt going back to the third pick (which I still think is too high).  I like Buck Davidson’s selection of Braun in the second round, as I won’t take him in the first round, but as a second pick he could return great value.  One of our no-shows took Xander Bogaerts in the third, as his THIRD third baseman.  The value of attending a draft is evident there.

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Reader Mock Draft #2 – Breaking Down The Standout Picks (Goldschmidt #2?!?! & More)

by Ivar G. Anderson

We held the second of our series of mock drafts last Thursday, February 20, and for this draft we used the CouchManager website. The rankings had a few blips, but overall the site is great for customizing drafts and I expect that we will employ that site for the balance of these mock drafts.

I have published the results of the draft on my Google Drive, and you can see the total draft by round and pick here. If you are interested in joining next week’s mock draft, it has been set up and you can get to the sign up page by clicking here. Password is ROTO3. I have taken care of the fees, and all the mocks I run will be free to join. I can be a bit more flexible with days of the week when the drafts are held once February ends and my Argentinean Tango lessons come to a conclusion, so if you want something special in terms of drafting on Monday through Thursday (must be at 8:30 PM EST or later to accommodate our West Coast drafters), or a different sort of roster set up (no, I repeat NO two catcher formats are allowed), send me an e-mail at and I will do my best to set it up for us to test out.

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Reader Mock Draft #1 – Breaking Down The Standout Picks

by Ivar Anderson

Our first reader mock draft was held on Thursday, February 13. 2013.  We did have two no shows due to unforeseen circumstances, so the results are skewed by that situation. We also began with only a 10 team draft, since I set it up on short notice and wanted to have a full slate of drafters. Not that it worked out so well.

The next draft is being held on the Couch Managers site. I am a subscriber there, so there is no fee for anyone that wants to join in the fun of a custom mock draft at the end of February. I am not fully familiar with the rankings on the site yet, so if you do jump in, realize that you may need to search deep for a player you want to draft. Draft will be held at 8:30 PM EST, and this will feature 12 teams with 23 roster spots, including MI, CI and only ONE catcher. I detest having to draft a second catcher, but we could not avoid that in the first draft, due to the non-modifiable settings on RT Sports. The link to the draft is here. Password is roto2.  If you have not drafted on the site before, then you will need to create a free account,

I don’t like to discuss my draft results, but I do analyze each draft. Below are the picks that made me go, “Hmm.”

Rounds 1-7
Nothing out of the ordinary in the first round, but I have seen Kipnis going before Cano in my mocks this year. The move to Seattle is making drafters hesitate just a tick on taking Cano, who in the past was a first round pick. In the third round, Puig went with the next to last pick. I know you need to take him early to get him, but there is enough concern about pitchers figuring the young Cuban out to make me hesitate to rely on him as my OF1.

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RotoProfessor’s NL Only Mock Draft Recap

by Will Overton

On Sunday Night I, along with nine other RotoProfessor readers participated in an NL only mock draft over at mock draft central. It was a good time filled with plenty of fine fantasy baseball talk and only a couple of off color jokes.

A mock draft not only gives the people in the draft a chance at some good practice, but it also gives me a chance to analyze a real NL only draft. While our draft wasn’t for a real league it’s still a good way to judge how certain guys are being valued.

I am going to give you my full roster and a short breakdown. I will also offer up some of the picks I really liked throughout the night and the ones I didn’t as well. If you want to see the full rosters you can do that here.


C – Jonathan Lucroy – R15 P8

1B – Gaby Sanchez – R7 P8

2B – Aaron Hill – R13 P8 Read more

RotoProfessor NL-Only Mock Draft

Hey RotoProf Readers,

Tomorrow night I am going to be hosting an NL-Only mock draft on Mock Draft Central. The draft is currently half full, so we still have room for five more to join. The draft is standard snake style and will start at 9:00 PM EST. I can’t see it running much longer than an hour.

I will be doing a write up on the draft in the coming week as part of my NL-Only focused series of posts.

If you want to take part just go to this link and join, you’ll need a password which is RotoProfNL.

Looking forward to it.

-Will Overton