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Results From The First Rotoprofessor Mock Draft

Sorry everyone, as I just realized that I hadn’t posted the results from the first Rotoprofessor Mock Draft held last week.  If anyone is curious, you can check it out at:

Let’s hear who everyone thinks did the best job drafting!

2011 Projection: John Jaso

The Tampa Bay Rays catching situation was a questionable one when the season started.  Once they acquired Kelly Shoppach, fantasy owners in two-catcher formats were scurrying for any information they could get on who was going to get the bulk of the playing time.  Was it going to be Shoppach?  Was it going to be the incumbent, Dioner Navarro?

By year’s end the answer was neither, as John Jaso emerged as the player who saw the most at bats of their trio.  Injuries played a factor, but with his inclusion on the playoff roster (and the omission of Dioner Navarro, who ultimately opted not to join the team for the playoff series), it’s obvious that Jaso has entrenched himself in the mix moving forward.

Navarro has probably sealed his own fate, and you would expect that he won’t be back with the Rays in 2011.  That would put Jaso in a position to see significant playing time once again, but should owners in two-catcher formats care?

Before we can answer that, we need to look at how he produced in 2010: Read more

Looking At The Results Of My Third Mock Draft

I continued my weekly mock draft this past weekend, drafting eighth this time.  For the most part I was happy with the results, especially with Miguel Cabrera falling to me, but it certainly wasn’t perfect.  Let’s take a look at how things turned out: 

C – Miguel Montero (R14)
C – Ryan Doumit (R17)
1B – Miguel Cabrera (R1)
2B – Brandon Phillips (R3)
SS – Elvis Andrus (R19)
3B – Jhonny Peralta (R16)
CI – Billy Butler (R9)
MI – Ben Zobrist (R5)
OF – Carl Crawford (R2)
OF – Justin Upton (R4)
OF – Andre Ethier (R7)
OF – Franklin Gutierrez (R20)
OF – Kyle Blanks (R22)
U – Hideki Matsui (R21)  Read more

Looking At The Results Of My Second Mock Draft

This past weekend I completed my second mock draft in preparation for the 2010 season.  This time I picked seventh, which had a surprising outcome.  Seeing Prince Fielder go before Mark Teixeira certainly gave the draft a good feel right from the start.

Let’s take a look at how my entire roster looks:

C – Miguel Montero (R13)
C – Ryan Doumit (R14)
1B – Mark Teixeira (R1)
2B – Ben Zobrist (R5)
SS – Everth Cabrera (R19)
3B – Ryan Zimmerman (R4)
CI – Jake Fox (R20)
MI – Jhonny Peralta (R18)
OF – Jacoby Ellsbury (R2)
OF – Carlos Beltran (R6)
OF – Jay Bruce (R10)
OF – Nolan Reimold (R17)
OF – Travis Snider (R22)
U – David Ortiz (R15)  Read more

Looking At The Results From My First Mock Draft For 2010

I had the time to complete my first full mock draft of the season over the weekend, so let’s take a look at how things turned out: 

C – Miguel Montero (R11)
C – Ryan Doumit (R15)
1B – Ryan Howard (R1)
2B – Ben Zobrist (R5)
SS – Alexei Ramirez (R9)
3B – Chone Figgins (R7)
CI – Prince Fielder (R2)
MI – Everth Cabrera (R19)
OF – Carlos Beltran (R6)
OF – Hunter Pence (R8)
OF – Cory Hart (R13)
OF – Ryan Ludwick (R14)
OF – Franklin Gutierrez (R21)
U – Kyle Blanks (R22) Read more

Rotoprofessor Mock Draft #2

Last night, we held our second mock draft over at Mock Draft Central.  I want to again thank everyone who took the time to participate, as there was a lot of great discussion throughout the draft.  Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable, as I found out time and time again as round-after-round, my pick was taken before I selected.  We all know that frustration, don’t we?

Anyways, let’s take a look at the results, followed by some of my thoughts from the selections (sorry guys, don’t take it personally!): Read more