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Order The Rotoprofessor 2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide & Enter To Win Noah Syndergaard Autographed Baseball

The Rotoprofessor 2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide has officially been released!!!  Order and receive the guide today for just $6!!

Additionally, if you order the guide by March 23 you will be entered to win an authenticated Noah Syndergaard autographed baseball (if you have already ordered the guide you will be automatically entered)! 

Among the new features for 2015:

  • Top 40 “New” Dynasty Prospects (players drafted in 2014, newly eligible international players, etc)
  • Projections for FIP and LOB% for all pitchers

You will then receive updates about every two-to-three weeks until the start of the season (the first update is schedule for on our around 01/30/15).  Also like in year’s past, the draft guide is just going to get bigger and better!

For those who have never experienced the guide, it is delivered through e-mail as an Excel spreadsheet and also includes:

  • Over 550 player projections (including some of the top prospects in the game like Kris Bryant, Francisco Lindor & More)
  • Top 400 Overall
  • 2-page cheat sheet, perfect to take to your draft
  • The Rotoprofessor Staff’s quick take on every player projected
  • Expanded Rankings (i.e. Top 30 Catchers, Top 125 Starting Pitchers)
  • Top 50 rankings for Corner Infielders & Middle Infielders
  • Projected lineups and rotations
  • Top 50 Prospects for 2015 (Prospects who can make impact in ’15)
  • Top 5 Prospects for 2015 by team (Prospects who can make impact in ’15)
  • Top 40 “New” Dynasty Prospects
  • Auction Values (including NL/AL-Only)
  • Multiple Position Eligibility Chart
  • Closer Chart
  • Top 25 Sleepers for 2015
  • 15 Players Likely to be Overdrafted in 2015

Make sure you keep checking back for more details and be sure to reserve your copy of the guide early!

The 2014 Season Is Coming To A Close…

The marathon of the 2014 baseball season is finally coming to a close.  We are going to finish strong (when do we not?!) with Around the Major columns for each of the final few days.  Come Monday, though, we begin our preparation for the 2015 season with our typical daily articles throughout the offseason.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support throughout not only this season but throughout the life of this site.  I couldn’t do this without you, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit the site and see what we have to say.

Thanks again and let’s get ready to dominate again in 2015 (how crazy does that sound)!!

Order The Rotoprofessor 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Guide For $6 & Be Entered To Win Brett Favre Autograph!

That’s right, for the first time ever Rotoprofessor will be offering a Fantasy Football Draft Guide!!  Scheduled to be released by July 1, the guide will be very similar to our Baseball Guide (including regular updates based on news/injuries).  If you purchase the draft guide by August 20 (if you have already ordered you will automatically be entered into the drawing), you will be entered to win a free Brett Favre autographed 8×10 (authenticated)!!  There will be only one winner, but don’t miss your opportunity!The guide will be delivered via e-mail (as an Excel spreadsheet) and will include:

  • Expanded Positional Rankings (Top 75 RB, Top 100 WR, etc.)
  • Expanded PPR Rankings
  • Overall Rankings (Both PPR & Non-PPR)
  • Projections (Including Player Analysis)
  • Sleepers/Breakouts/Busts
  • Offensive Line Rankings
  • Coaching Change Implications
  • And so much more!!

To ensure being one of the first to receiver the guide, make sure to pre-order it today for just $6.  Make sure you keep checking back for more details and be sure to reserve your copy early!!

Rich’s Random Thoughts: The Notable Differences Of Fantasy Baseball vs. Fantasy Football

by Rich Justmann

Boy, fantasy football sure opened up early this year, didn’t it?  I was in the airport last week and checked out a news store.  There were more than half a dozen fantasy football magazines already on the shelves.  Good stuff.  I selected one and look forward to picking up several more for airplane reading.

The difference between fantasy football managers and fantasy baseball managers is interesting.  To be a fantasy baseball manager takes considerably more time and commitment.  I’m in two leagues with 14 teams and roughly 30 player squads, so we have a rostered pool of 420 players.  One of the leagues also has a minor league system with 70 players.

Comparatively speaking, football has a very shallow pool.  Once you get past the Top 100 players, the value drops significantly (Some might argue the Top 50).  If an early round player goes down with an injury, it’s much tougher to make up the loss.  Since the rosters are much smaller, the comparable loss of the top player is greater.  Indeed, you have a double whammy:  A shallow free agent pool and a greater statistical value of each player’s contribution to your attainment.

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Rich’s Random Ramblings: A Man of Character & A Man Without Character

by Richard Justmann

My Young Padawans, let us discuss character. In this case, I am comparing one Dick Howser and the inestimable Peter Edward “Pete” Rose. The former was a man among men who managed the Kansas City Royals to the 1985 World Series Championship. OK, in the interest of fair play to our friends in St. Louis, it was a combination of Don Denkinger and the Royals which defeated the Cardinals, but we then should also recall that St. Louis beat Milwaukee in 1982 thanks to a non-third strike call on Lonnie Smith from Pete (Shoe Size 16) Ladd.

But I digress. Dick Howser was a scrappy over-achiever as a player and man who got the most out of his players as a manager. His teams never finished below 2nd place in any season. All of Kansas mourned when he met his early end due to cancer.

Now let us briefly discuss Charlie Hustle. I will grant you that Pete Rose was a great baseball player. Well, actually I grant you that he was above average. With today’s sabermetrics and Rose’s proclivity to hit singles, his value as a fantasy player would be Top 25, not Top 5.

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Poll: Help Us Improve Your Rotoprofessor Experience!

Obviously we want you to get everything you want out of Rotoprofessor, so over the next week or so I’m going to be asking a few questions on how we can improve.  I ask that you all take the time to share your opinion as, without you, none of this would be possible.

As always I appreciate your support and greatly value your opinion.  Thanks again for letting myself and the Rotoprofessor staff help guide you to fantasy success!

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