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The Trade Counsel Returns To Rotoprofessor!!

by Simon Jones

My name is Simon Jones and I’m delighted to be returning to Rotoprofessor this year with the weekly Trade Counsel column.  As background, I’ve been competing in fantasy baseball for a decade across many styles of league. My first love is trading and I wrote for Rotoprofessor for a couple of years on this very topic. I also won the ESPN Grand Theft Roto league in 2009.  On top of this, I’m a Brit.

The column will address a different aspect of trading every week. When I started writing I felt that this was a severely neglected part of the fantasy baseball landscape. If anything the situation has got even worse, and the resources have pretty much dried up.

The fantasy baseball world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Daily Fantasy has been a huge deal. NFBC has money leagues where trading isn’t allowed – I understand the risk of collusion, but to me it’s like calling a game after 4 innings. On top of that, the statistics that we use to make out decisions are changing seemingly every day. When I started playing ERA and OPS were advanced stats – now we have a host of sabermetrics, xStats and who knows where the Statcast era will take us. While 5×5 used to be the norm in 95% of leagues, now I play in more 6×6 than 5×5 leagues and categories like Wins and AVG are often replaced with ‘fairer’ assessments of a player’s skillset. Read more

Want To Win A Noah Syndergaard “Thor” Autographed Baseball? Rotoprofessor Is Giving One Away!

It’s that time of year again! I mean, it’s never too early to start planning for 2017 fantasy baseball season, is it? As a loyal Rotoprofessor reader/supporter, we wanted to give you the first opportunity to reserve your copy our 2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide!

In addition to getting one of the best and only resources you will need to prepare for your draft, one lucky subscriber (selected using will win an MLB Authenticated Noah Syndergaard autographed baseball, complete with “Thor” inscription!  If you’ve already purchased the guide you are automatically entered to win!  If you have already purchased, or purchase by January 31, you will get two entries into the giveaway.

What could be better than preparing for your fantasy draft and also having a chance to win an autographed baseball from one of the premier young pitchers in the game?

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by Ray Kuhn

Do you have what it takes? Are you an avid football fan and reader of the site? If so, do you want to square off against the RotoProfessor staff this season?

For the 2016 season, we will be running two reader leagues where you get to compete against myself, the RotoProfessor and Will Overton. Below you will find the details of each league. Competitors will be granted access on a first come, first serve basis. Both leagues will be hosted on ESPN and will be live drafts.

League One:

  • 16 teams
  • Half point PPR
  • Snake Draft
  • QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/Def/K/6 bench
  • Wednesday September 7th, 8pm EST

League Two:

  • 12 teams
  • Half point PPR
  • Auction Draft with $200 cap
  • QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Def/K/6 bench
  • Tuesday August 30th, 8pm EST

If you wish to participate in one of these leagues, please send an email to with your preference. All that we ask is that you can make the draft and be an active owner all season.

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Home Run Derby Fun: A Guide To Making The Contest Interesting

by Jeremy Gibbs

Do you get bored watching the Home Run Derby?  I’ve got a two-player game that will keep you and your buddies glued to the set from the first to the last home run hit:


The Draft

Determine who will get the first pick in the draft.  You can do this either by flipping a coin, using technology such as or simply coming to an agreement between the two of you.  My friends and I have been playing this game for three years now.  I’ll use my matchup with my friend Brian in 2015 to illustrate how the scoring plays out.  He deferred to me, believing that there might be more value in picks #2 and #3 than in pick #1.  I picked Albert Pujols at pick #1.  The draft will continue as a snake draft from there.  With pick #2, Brian chose Joc Peterson and followed it up with Prince Fielder.  At pick #4, I selected Josh Donaldson, then selected Todd Frazier at pick #5, the eventual winner.  At pick #6, Brian chose Anthony Rizzo and then followed that up with another Cub at pick #7, Kris Bryant.  That left me with Manny Machado at pick #8.  Read more