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Sign Up For A Free Trial Of “The Saves Forecaster” Today!

Recently we quietly launched The Saves Forecaster, an in-depth e-mail service looking at the prior days bullpen news and notes. Included in the e-mail is:

  1. Top 10 “Closer in Waiting” Rankings (updated daily)
  2. An in-depth look at a few key performances
  3. Listing of those who earned/blew saves
  4. Additional news and notes

We will shortly make this available for purchase ($2 for the remainder of the season), but sign up today and get a trial absolutely free (you will receive the e-mails on Saturday, Sunday & Monday mornings)

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Home Run Derby Fun: A Guide To Making The Contest Interesting

by Jeremy Gibbs

Do you get bored watching the Home Run Derby?  I’ve got a two-player game that will keep you and your buddies glued to the set from the first to the last home run hit:


The Draft

Determine who will get the first pick in the draft.  You can do this either by flipping a coin, using technology such as or simply coming to an agreement between the two of you.  My friends and I have been playing this game for three years now.  I’ll use my matchup with my friend Brian in 2015 to illustrate how the scoring plays out.  He deferred to me, believing that there might be more value in picks #2 and #3 than in pick #1.  I picked Albert Pujols at pick #1.  The draft will continue as a snake draft from there.  With pick #2, Brian chose Joc Peterson and followed it up with Prince Fielder.  At pick #4, I selected Josh Donaldson, then selected Todd Frazier at pick #5, the eventual winner.  At pick #6, Brian chose Anthony Rizzo and then followed that up with another Cub at pick #7, Kris Bryant.  That left me with Manny Machado at pick #8.  Read more

Purchase Rotoprofessor’s 2016 Mid-Season Projections For Just $4.50!

If you’ve purchased the Rotoprofessor Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide before, you know the value that it brings as you prepare for the season.  For the first time ever we are going to bring you that same value to help with your push towards a championship, as we will be providing a mid-season draft guide!  This guide will be released over the MLB All-Star Break (in Excel format via e-mail) and will include:

  • Expanded Rest of Season Rankings
  • Player Profiles (not for every player, but those who have a significant change in value)
  • Rest of Season Projections
  • Buy Low Candidates
  • Sell High Candidates
  • Bullpen Depth Chart
  • And More!

There is little doubt that this will help push you towards a championship.  Make sure to check it out and take home your 2016 Fantasy Baseball Title!

Help Us Improve Your Rotoprofessor Experience!

Obviously we want you to get everything you want out of Rotoprofessor, so I wanted to reach out to our readers to see what your thoughts are and what else you would like to see.  I ask that you all take the time to share your opinion in the comments section as, without you, none of this would be possible.

Is it that you’d like to see more player profiles?  How about more prospect coverage?  More rankings?  Anything else you’d like to see?  Let’s hear it!

As always I appreciate your support and greatly value your opinion.  Thanks again for letting myself and the Rotoprofessor staff help guide you to fantasy success!

Rotoprofessor Looking For New Writers, Apply Today!!

There are currently numerous opportunities for writers to get involved on Rotoprofessor.  We are looking for writers for various sports including (but not limited to):

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • College Football
  • College Basketball

All positions will go through a 2-month trial, which will be unpaid.  After that we will review each writer’s status and determine if there will be compensation paid after that (this is not a guarantee that you will be paid, as the feedback/timeliness/dependability of your work will be considered).  All positions will be required to write 1-2 articles per week and we’d like to have a scheduled day when you submit your work.

If you are interested in writing about any of the sports mentioned above (or something else), please send me a little sample of your writing to and put the header of the e-mail as “Rotoprofessor Writer Search”.

As always, thanks to all the supporters of this site.  You are what makes it special and allows me to do what I do and grow the site.  This is an exciting time for Rotoprofessor and I look forward to continuing our great success.

Final Week Special – Purchase Rotoprofessor’s 2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide At 50% Off ($3.25)

Still have a fantasy draft that you want to prepare for?  Are you someone who has been curious about Rotoprofessor’s Draft Guide in the past, but were unsure about the investment?  Now is the perfect time to try it out and see what everyone is raving about!

With less than one week until the start of the season we are slashing prices, meaning you can purchase Rotoprofessor’s 2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide for 50% off (or $3.25).  The caveats:

  1. You will receive the March 24, 2016 version of the guide and no additional updates
  2. You will not be entered to win the Noah Syndergaard autographed baseball (complete with “Thor” inscription)

For a complete look of what’s included in the Draft Guide click here, but here’s the highlights:

  • Over 550 player projections (including some of the top prospects in the game)
  • Top 400 Overall
  • Expanded Rankings (i.e. Top 30 Catchers, Top 125 Starting Pitchers)
  • Top 50 Prospects for 2016 (Prospects who can make impact in ’16)
  • Top 5 Prospects for 2016 by team (Prospects who can make impact in ’16)
  • Top 40 “New” Dynasty Prospects
  • Auction Values (including NL/AL-Only)
  • Sleepers/Overdrafts
  • Much More!

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and check out the guide for yourself!