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Fantasy GM: What Would I Do If I Were Running The Mets?

I’m going to take a slight detour this morning from the traditional fantasy baseball article to put myself in my own little fantasy world.  What if I were the Mets General Manager?  How would I improve a team that was extremely disappointing (there’s an understatement) in 2010?  Let’s take a look:

It’s easy to sit and write an article saying that the Mets should sign Jason Bay, trade for Adrian Gonzalez and Roy Halladay and who knows what else.  To examine the Mets offseason like they are working without the constrictions of a budget would be a mistake.  They aren’t the Yankees.

Given the number of holes they have, the Mets are going to need to be smart in order to not only fill them all, but to do so in a manner that improves the ball club.  I tried to keep my budget in the $35-40 million range, which is what I’ve seen reported that the Mets will have, but did come off slightly above that.  With ownership saying that Omar Minaya will have whatever funds necessary to get the job done, then I can certainly see the slight increase being acceptable.

With that said, let’s take a look at what I would do if I were in the driver’s seat:

1. Trade Luis Castillo to the Tigers for Nate Robertson
Honestly, you can fill in the blank for who the Mets take back for Castillo, but the most important thing is that he is no longer on the roster.  With 2 years and $12 million left on his contract, you have to think that someone would be willing to swallow that contract to rid themselves of an equally bad contract. Read more