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Spring Cliche: Stealing More Bases: Ruben Tejada

According to Anthony DiComo via Twitter:

“Ruben Tejada said he worked with Reyes this winter on base stealing. He’d like to run more this year and hopefully stick at leadoff. #Mets”

It’s interesting to see Tejada working with former teammate Jose Reyes to improve his ability on the basepaths. Reyes certainly has the skills, having stolen as many as 78 in a season and having seven years of at least 30 (and six of at least 39).

Obviously expecting Tejada, who stole 4 bases in 2012, to come reasonably close to those lofty marks would be a mistake. That said, after the Mets failed pursuit of Michael Bourn there is an obvious need atop the order and Tejada is one of the few options to fill it (along with possibly Daniel Murphy or Collin Cowgill).

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Spring Cliche: Chipper Jones’ Health

When a younger, burgeoning player throws out a cliché you think to yourself, maybe…  hopefully…  there could be some merit to it.  What about when the words come from a 37-year old veteran?

That brings us to Chipper Jones, who recently was quoted by David O’Brien of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (click here for the article) as saying, “I’m as heavy now as I’ve ever been. I felt like I didn’t finish the year out strong, physically, last year. I just want to really try as best as I can to maintain my weight and strength throughout the course of the season.”

O’Brien notes that Jones reported to camp at 232 lbs., up from 225.  Will this make a difference in allowing Jones to not only stay productive, but healthy for the entire 2010 season?  Given his track record I have my doubts, but what about you?  Does this news help change your mind in giving him a chance?

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Spring Cliche: Rajai Davis’ Speed

When a Hall of Famer and the best stolen base artist in Major League history speaks, we all listen, right?  I know I am a believer of everything that comes from Ricky Henderson…  No?  Anyone?

I know, Rickey’s Rickey, and he continues to be himself as he works as a base running instructor for the Oakland Athletics.  According to Susan Slusser of The San Francisco Chronicle (click here for the article) he “declared that Davis could steal 75-80 bases this season.”   The Davis he is speaking of is Rajai Davis, who stole 41 bases in just 390 at bats last season.

Normally I would disregard statements such as this, but this one may have a little bit of merit.  Do I actually think Davis could reach that level?  It’s not likely, but thanks to some time under Henderson, it would certainly be believable that he reaches 50 or more this season. Read more