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Shopping At The Five & Dime: Digging Deep For Possible Additions (Jose Peraza & More)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Looking to dive deep and find a hitter who can chip in and help you get to fantasy glory?  Let’s take a look at a few players whose ownership appears to be suppressed but have the potential to make an impact over the final few weeks of the season (all stats are through Sunday):


Kevin Kiermaier – Outfielder – Tampa Bay Rays
ESPN – 5.5%, CBS Sports – 15%

Fantasy owners continue to shy away from Kiermaier, though he’s been producing as of late as he’s in the midst of an 8-game hitting streak (11-35, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 6 R, 1 SB).  Obviously we’d like to see a bit more in the counting stats, but he’s been hitting second in the batting order and that should provide him more and more opportunities.

This could be an instance where fantasy owners look at the overall numbers (.230 average) and simply write him off.  Of course there’s every reason to think the “correction” is going to continue, especially with a 22.7% line drive rate in the second half (.273 BABIP) and a continued ability to display a good eye at the plate (overall he owns a 9.3% SwStr% and a 27.1% O-Swing%). Read more

Waiver Worthy: Three Sneaky DL Stashes For Your Stretch Run

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

At this point in the season any minor injury could lead to a complete shutdown of a player, making it even more complicated to make roster decisions. That said not every injured player is lost for the year. Here are three players who are still expected back who could make a difference for your fantasy squad down the stretch:


Yan Gomes – Cleveland Indians
He’s likely to return in the middle of September, where the Indians will plug him back into the lineup and get him ready for October. Obviously he was miserable prior to the injury, but does anyone truly believe he is a .165 hitter?

He was struggling to hit the ball with authority, with a 15.9% line drive rate, which helped yield a .190 BABIP. It’s possible that he was focusing on hitting for power too much (45.1% fly ball rate), and we would hope that the time off would help him to correct the issue.

Maybe he’s not a complete difference maker, but would it really be surprising to see him put up 2-3 strong weeks, hitting around .260 with 5 HR to wrap up the year? Especially for those in two-catcher formats, he’s a must stash. Read more

Waiver Worthy: The Search For Strikeouts: Five Players Who Can Help To Fill Your Void

by Will Overton

With just a month left before the season ends every point in the standings counts and one point could be the difference between winning and losing your championship. You’ve played too many days to let the title slip through your fingers now.  This is why there is never a more important time to watch your standings like a hawk. You have to know where you can gain and lose points at all times. If it won’t cost you any points in another category then you need to load up players who can help you where you need it the most.

Today we are going to look at some strikeout specialists. Some guys on this list may not be as well rounded as we’d like, but each of them can help you in this one specific category:

CC Sabathia – New York Yankees: The resurgent Sabathia is a marvel to behold for fantasy owners. He was left on the fantasy trash heap last year to never be picked up again, and now here he is, an actual asset I am encouraging you to own. Sabathia made some changes to his form in the offseason that are paying off in extending his career. He has 49 K in his last 43.2 IP and in just his last four starts he’s got 34 K in 25.2 IP. There were two rough starts in the last month and a half that have ballooned his ERA, but he is still a strong option. If you need strikeouts this veteran may be your guy for September. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Targeting Players Who Are Close To Returning From Injury

by Will Overton

Fantasy Baseball players are always quick to jump on someone replacing a recently DLed player, and they should be. On the other side of that, though, fantasy baseball players should always be keeping a close eye on the players on the DL who are available in your league and may be returning soon.  If you can add a guy to your roster who is a week or so away, you have just jumped the gun on the rest of the league who may not notice their return until they are actually back.

There are some really solid names of players who are unowned in a lot of leagues. If you have room on your bench for them temporarily they could be big assets to you for the final few weeks of the season:

A.J. Pollock – OF, Arizona Diamondbacks: This is the crown jewel on this list. Pollock has been out for the entire season with an elbow injury, but word is he could be making his return later this week. As of right now Pollock is still available in half of ESPN leagues, but that number is going to go up daily as owners realize how imminent his return is. He has been destroying the ball so far in the minor leagues during his rehab appearances and looks to be healthy and ready to roll. He is coming off a season where he had 20 HR and 39 SB, so he could be a huge boost down the stretch if you can still grab him. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Look Who’s Streaking: Five Hot Bats Worth Adding Immediately (Soler, Rosario & More)

by Will Overton

Sometimes the best way to approach things on the waiver wire is to look for the hottest players and ride out the streak. Ideally you want a long-term option, but sometimes there just aren’t any available. With just over six weeks left in the season the hot player may be the long-term player and there is no time to waste to wait for someone else to come around (instead just hopping from hot hand to hot hand).

We’ll even do the work for you here at RotoProfessor and tell you who out there is streaking. Here are some of the hottest bats available in a majority of fantasy baseball leagues at the moment. I’ll give my take on their value and the possibility that their hot streak can last. Let’s get to work:

Paulo Orlando – OF, Kansas City Royals: The Kansas City Royals have fallen off this season and there aren’t many positives, but Orlando is one and he’s never been hotter than right now. He has multiple hits in six of his last 10 games and for the month of August he is hitting .418 while flexing a little power (a pair of HR in his last 10 games). More legitimate is his speed where he has swiped three bases in these last 10 games, bringing him to 10 for the season. We know the Royals like running and Orlando could see the green light a fair amount. It’s also extremely beneficial that he’s being used as the leadoff hitter recently. He won’t likely stay this hot, but he could continue to be useful to fantasy teams for the remainder of the season. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Filling Your Need For Speed Off The Wire

by Will Overton

Stolen bases aren’t quite as easy to come by as they once were, but if you look close enough you can still find speed on the waiver wire. We’re going to focus on the stolen bases category today and try and help you find the guys who can get you further up the standings, or stand pat if you’re already ahead there.

I preach this a lot, but fantasy baseball owners need to be diligent in knowing and recognizing their standings when heading to the waiver wire for help. You can’t just add the highest rated player available, you need to fill your specific needs. If you are in striking distance of three teams in stolen bases, you need to load up there and make a run for those points.  With this in mind let’s look at some prime stolen base targets floating out there on the wire:

Travis Jankowski – OF, San Diego Padres: One of the hotter hitters in all of baseball right now, he should be a hotter add than he is. Chances are he isn’t as popular of due to the fact that he plays for the Padres and their not so impressive offense. Jankowski is on a seven game hitting streak that includes going 13 for his last 27, along with 7 SB. he Padres know their offense isn’t very good and if Jankowski is getting on base they will be giving him the green light often to manufacture runs. There really isn’t a better add out there for stolen bases. Read more