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Waiver Worthy: Look Who’s Streaking – Breaking Down The Waiver Wire’s Hottest Hitters

by Will Overton

It can feel like a full time job sometimes keeping up with the fantasy baseball world. Sometimes when trying to decide who to add to your roster off the waiver wire the easiest way to choose is looking at who has been the hottest hitter or pitcher as of late.

This isn’t a horrible way of doing things, but it can be tricky at times. Not every hot streak is created equal. The hardest part about grabbing a guy who is on a hot streak is knowing whether they are someone to keep after the heat wears off. Using the hot hand method forces owners to be watchful and not allow for a guy who used to be hot to waste a spot on your roster when the cool down comes.

I have picked out four hitters who are currently riding a pretty good streak over the last week or two. These are four guys I think are worth considering for an add, though some are more long term and some are guys you’ll probably want to cut bait on when the heat wears off. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Five Guys Whose Value Could Rise At The Trade Deadline

by Will Overton

Trying to predict what’s going to happen at the trade deadline is a complete crap shoot. However, fantasy baseball players have to gamble sometimes if they really want to win. The trade deadline opens up a new wave of viable waiver candidates every year and it often becomes a battle of first come, first serve.

The way to try and jump that line is to guess who is going to get traded and make some pre-emptive moves based on those guesses. Like I said, it’s a crap shoot, but if you’re willing to gamble this could be a good way of doing it.

The one thing I would caution is to not use this strategy unless you have spots free on your bench or guys you really don’t care at all about dropping. If you drop someone of value to stash a guy who could have value come next week you may wind up regretting it. If you have a spot you don’t mind dropping anyway then the worst thing you get is a wasted bench spot for a week. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Second Half Standouts To Consider

by Will Overton

The all-star rosters were announced last night which means we are right there at the half way point of the season. We’ve had a first half full of surprises and disappointments. We should also now be in a better position to judge where we are in terms of fantasy baseball and our standings.

If you’re in the hunt, or just outside that point, you have to try and make just the right moves. Part of that is identifying the guys to grab off waivers before the guys in your league do. Anyone can identify the guy hitting .400 for the last two weeks as a good add, but you may be too late at that point. Try pinpointing those guys before they get hot. One way of doing this is looking at their history. If a guy has a history of being a strong second half performer it makes sense to gamble on that guy doing it again.

Here are some guys with some history as strong second half hitters who might be worth watching: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Which Hot Adds Are Worth Grabbing (Mookie Betts, Jesse Hahn & More)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Let’s take a quick look at the most added players (according to CBS Sports as of Tuesday) to try and determine if they are worth adding or if fantasy owners should pass:


Mookie Betts – Boston Red Sox – Second Baseman/Outfielder
Add Percentage – 38%

Seeing Betts sit atop this list should surprise no one, as he is the most recent hot shot prospect to join the Major Leagues.  It’s hard not to get excited about his arrival, after he hit .345 with 8 HR, 48 RBI, 70 R and 29 SB in 304 AB between Double and Triple-A this season.  He is certainly a potential sparkplug, and also was nearly as impressive at two different levels of Single-A in ’13 (.314, 15 HR, 39 SB).

Read more

Waiver Worthy: Returning Players To Take A Chance On

by Will Overton

In  a perfect world fantasy owners would be able to stash every injured player they have. This isn’t a perfect world though and at times fantasy owners are forced into some tough choices with injured players. At times that bench spot is more important than the potential value of the guy who is going to miss the next six weeks.

Because of these kinds of decisions made by fantasy owners there is an extra element of value on the waiver wire for those fortunate enough to have room to stash someone for a while. There are several guys who will be coming off the DL in the next month who have potential fantasy value for teams that can wait them out.

Here are six of the guys I have identified as potential additions for the right teams: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Which Hot Adds Are Worth Grabbing (Jake Arrieta, Kyle Gibson & More)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Let’s take a quick look at the most added players (according to CBS Sports as of Tuesday) to try and determine if they are worth adding or if fantasy owners should pass:


J.D. Martinez – Detroit Tigers – Outfielder
Add Percentage – 53%

With the way Martinez has produced, seeing owners finally flock to the waiver wire for him shouldn’t be surprising as he’s clearly changed at the plate and is showing more power than ever before.  Between the Majors & Triple-A he has 17 HR in just 193 AB and he’s also tattooing the ball in the Majors (25.0% line drive rate).  That said, he does have a notable split:

  • vs. RHP – .395/.414/.716
  • vs. LHP – .094/.171/.281

It’s something to keep in mind, since he’s not going to be an everyday player (especially with Andy Dirks nearing a return).

I’d consider Martinez over Nick Markakis, Colby Rasmus

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