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Waiver Worthy: Look Who’s Streaking Now – Five Hot Hitters To Own

by Will Overton

There is just barely over a month left in the season now and so it’s all hands on deck in pursuit of a fantasy championship. If ever there was a time to implement a use the hot hand strategy the time is now. We’re getting to a point where dropping an under performer is much less likely to come back and haunt you and you can’t afford to have wasted AB’s in your lineup.

Not every hot streak is created equal and you have to remember that too. Some guys are just filling in temporarily and some guys are going to lose their jobs when rosters expand in September. So feel free to jump on board with the guys I am writing about, but don’t really hesitate to jump back off if playing time disappears or the hot streak fades.

Here are some of the hottest hitters who are available in a lot of leagues: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Five Outfielders Worth Pursuing Off Waivers

by Will Overton

There are several reasons you could be searching for outfielders on the waiver wire right now. Chief among them is the fact that injuries abound in the outfield almost all the time. Carlos Gonzalez just recently headed to the DL for the rest of the season. David Murphy and Nick Swisher also just recently hit the DL, on top of the long list already there.

Then there is the fact that in leagues where there are five outfielders being used, the turnover is typically pretty great. Ideally you draft five lockdown guys and don’t have to worry, but it never seems to come out that way in the end does it?

If you’re stuck replacing an injured outfielder or your stuck in the cycle of constantly looking for a new fifth outfielder, I have some guys here who might be of assistance. Some are standard league only, and some are a little bit deeper, but all have some value in the right league, at least in my opinion. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Five Starters Worthy Of Being More Than Just Streamers

by Will Overton

At this time of the season in fantasy baseball a lot of owners employ a streaming strategy for pitching. They play the matchups switching out starters on a near daily basis to try and make up ground in strikeouts and wins.

Now though, a lot of leagues have started to combat this strategy by putting in innings limits or games started limits for pitching staffs. I won’t debate this in this article, though I personally am in favor of leagues that prevent streaming. If you play in a league like this you are probably at a point where you are a little more stingy with your starts. At the same time you are still trying to make up ground in your standings.

I am going to highlight a few starting pitchers available on the waiver wire who I think are more than just streaming options, but can be consistent sources of good pitching for your fantasy team. These are guys I think can be trusted in a majority, not necessarily all, of their matchups. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Getting A Boost In Batting Average From Free Agency

by Will Overton

At this point in the fantasy baseball season you are, or you should be, playing not for stats, but playing for points. If you’re team explodes one night and hits five home runs it doesn’t matter if stolen bases is where the standings are tight and you’re trying to gain ground on the leader.

I preach a lot about knowing your standings on this site and that is never more important than this point in the season. Every single point counts right now and you have to know where you have the best chance of getting those points. To illustrate my point, in one of my leagues I am far and away ahead in ERA and WHIP, to the point where I can’t see anyone catching me there. Because of that I can take some risks on which starters I use as I try to gain ground in strikeouts and wins which I am close in.

As fantasy players we are told that the hardest category to make up ground in is batting average, and many ignore this when they look at the standings. Still it’s not uncommon for several teams to be separated by two or three points in batting average which can mean you could potentially gain or lose several points either way. It’s certainly not easy to find guys who really help your average on the wire, but you may be able to replace someone who is bringing you down with someone more able to help you. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Look Who’s Streaking – Breaking Down The Waiver Wire’s Hottest Hitters

by Will Overton

It can feel like a full time job sometimes keeping up with the fantasy baseball world. Sometimes when trying to decide who to add to your roster off the waiver wire the easiest way to choose is looking at who has been the hottest hitter or pitcher as of late.

This isn’t a horrible way of doing things, but it can be tricky at times. Not every hot streak is created equal. The hardest part about grabbing a guy who is on a hot streak is knowing whether they are someone to keep after the heat wears off. Using the hot hand method forces owners to be watchful and not allow for a guy who used to be hot to waste a spot on your roster when the cool down comes.

I have picked out four hitters who are currently riding a pretty good streak over the last week or two. These are four guys I think are worth considering for an add, though some are more long term and some are guys you’ll probably want to cut bait on when the heat wears off. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Five Guys Whose Value Could Rise At The Trade Deadline

by Will Overton

Trying to predict what’s going to happen at the trade deadline is a complete crap shoot. However, fantasy baseball players have to gamble sometimes if they really want to win. The trade deadline opens up a new wave of viable waiver candidates every year and it often becomes a battle of first come, first serve.

The way to try and jump that line is to guess who is going to get traded and make some pre-emptive moves based on those guesses. Like I said, it’s a crap shoot, but if you’re willing to gamble this could be a good way of doing it.

The one thing I would caution is to not use this strategy unless you have spots free on your bench or guys you really don’t care at all about dropping. If you drop someone of value to stash a guy who could have value come next week you may wind up regretting it. If you have a spot you don’t mind dropping anyway then the worst thing you get is a wasted bench spot for a week. Read more