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Rate the Deal: Montero & Gutierrez for Tulowitzki

So, I made a trade in my keeper league today and wanted to see what everyone else here thought.  It’s a 13-team, 5×5 league that requires two catchers.  The salaries listed are for 2010 (none of the players are eligible to be kept at their current prices beyond that).

I traded Miguel Montero ($2) & Franklin Gutierrez ($2) for Troy Tulowitzki ($14)

Keep in mind, that it is seven keepers and I did already own Elvis Andrus ($2) and Everth Cabrera ($2), but felt that Tulowitzki was just so much better then those options.

So, what do you think?  Would you have made the deal?  Why or why not?

(I’ll give my full thinking after I hear what you have to say)

Rate the Deal: Hanley Ramirez, Kinsler & More

Tony sent in the following trade:

What do you think of this trade? I gave up Hanley in this deal it is a keeper league with 2 OF ALL IF POSITIONS AND C 5 OF AND 10 P. I was weak in OF power.

Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, Jason Bartlett and Trevor Hoffman in exchange for Hanley Ramirez, Ardolis Chapman and Ryan Doumit

Having to have two players at each infield position makes this an extremely deep league, but I’m never big on giving up a player of Ramirez’ caliber unless I was getting a huge bounty in return.  As far as 2010 is concerned, I don’t think Chapman is a huge issue (this deal was made before his signing with the Reds, but the concerns about his control are very much for real), but Doumit is not a simple throw in.  He’s a wild card, but at a shallow position he’s got a ton of potential.

Kinsler and Cruz are great starts to the trade, especially Kinsler who is clearly a second round draft pick in 2010.  As he noted, he needed help in the outfield, so Cruz helps to fill a void on his roster. Read more

Rate the Deal: Gallardo, Crawford, A-Rod & More

Remember, if you have made a trade in your fantasy league that you would like to see reviewed here, just send it to me at

Andrew sent in the following:

After contending for the crown for a few years, my team slipped in 2009 and I finished 7th of 14 teams, and out of the playoffs. This inspired the following trades:

Trade #1: Rick Porcello and Bud Norris for Yovani Gallardo and Rafael Soriano.
(Note: Gallardo makes about $20 while Porcello makes $4, and the other team had salary cap problems.)

Trade #2: Carl Crawford, Luke Gregerson and Kevin Jepsen for Alex Rodriguez and Brett Anderson.
(Salaries were largely a wash. Our league counts holds, so LG and KJ had decent value in 2009.)

Trade #3: Kevin Slowey for Hunter Pence.
(Slowey was $4, Pence $8.)

Let’s break this down one trade at a time: Read more

Rate the Deal: Beltran, Scherzer, Jimenez & More

I want to try and get this feature going once again,  so if you have any trades that you want to see discussed here just send an e-mail to

Dan sent in the following two trades he made in his keeper league:

Trade 1: I gave up Max Scherzer, Carlos Beltran and Dan Uggla and got Brandon Phillips, Andre Ethier and Ubaldo Jimenez

Trade 2: I gave up Colby Rasmus, Derek Lowe and a 4th round draft pick (last round in the rookie draft) and got Kendry Morales and Nolan Reimold

Let me look at these trades one at a time, with the second one first.  This is an absolute steal in my book.  While Rasmus has a ton of potential with power, the average is a big concern.  He’s a flyball hitter, and that’s just not conducive to a strong BABIP.  Reimold, on the other hand, has similar power with the prospect of putting up a better average.  They really are close, so it’s a push on that part of the deal.

That leaves us as Derek Lowe & a fourth round pick for Kendry Morales.  Let’s just think about that for a moment… Read more

Rate the Deal: Harang for Pence

I recently pulled the trigger on a relatively minor trade in my keeper league, so let’s see what everyone here thinks about it. 

The Deal:
I traded Aaron Harang (can be kept in 2010 for $9) for Hunter Pence (can be kep in 2010 for $18)

The Reason:
My team had been jumping between second and fourth for two weeks or so when I got hit with injuries to Geovany Soto (2-catcher format, so Miguel Montero was the best replacement I could find) and Torii Hunter.  Already depending on a combination of Gary Sheffield, Jose Guillen, Kosuke Fukudome, Randy Winn & Dexter Fowler in the outfield (three were playing, since Adam Dunn is now my corner infielder due to the injury to Adrian Beltre).  This past week, my team took a bit of a freefall, down to fifth place and 12 points out of first.

At this point, many of the hitting categories are extremely close:

  • Home Runs: I have 142, there are team’s with 144 & 145
  • Runs: I have 602, there are team’s with 603 & 606
  • RBI: I have 575, there’s a team with 575, two with 581 and one with 584
  • Stolen Bases: I have 96, there is one with 95 Read more

Rate the Deal: K-Rod & Valverde for Cahill, Chamberlain & Lester

I thought this was an interesting trade that went down in my keeper league last night and wanted to see what everyone else thought of the trade (I was not involved in making it):

The second place team traded away Francisco Rodriguez & Jose Valverde to the fifth place team in exchange for Trevor Cahill, Joba Chamberlain & Jon Lester.

League Details: The league is a standard 5×5 with 9 pitching spots (no designation of SP and RP).  There is an innings minimum, but no maximum.

The Second Place Team: He receives a huge boost to his starting pitching, though there is definitely some risk involved.  Cahill has been solid, but his value is not the basis for making or not making this deal.  We’ve talked about Lester a lot and we all know that he is due for a rebound, so I like the buy there.  Chamberlain is the real wild card.  He is coming off a great start, but with six potential starters for five spots, the whispers are going to hang around about him being shifted to the bullpen.  I don’t think it’s going to happen, at least not yet, but come September, when it is crunch time for fantasy owners, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Yankees made the move to conserve his innings.  Remember, he threw just 100.1 innings last season and the Yankees are going to tread carefully with him.  Read more