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Is There A Negative To Adrian Gonzalez?

By Rob Cardno

About a week ago I began to pen an article about Adrian Gonzalez being too high in the rankings. I’ve seen him going as high as nine in mock drafts and usually no later than the late teens. I have yet to see a single article offering a dissenting opinion and that’s when my contrarian ears perked up. As a rule, if everyone loves something I tend to hate it. It usually occurs to me that once 100% of the public is behind a player, product or stock, there is nowhere for it to go but down. There is now no one left to be convinced so essentially value has been maxed out. So I set out on a mission to debunk his lofty ranking.

I knew all the reasons why ‘Dr. Gonzo’ (man needs a nickname-I’m trying a few out in this post) was to have a monster year. The home/road splits, the shift to a hitter’s park, the contract year, the great line up around him, etc. It seemed too good to be true. So I dove into his stats looking for a chink in the armor. The results were surprising… His numbers are stunning. Read more

Top 15 Third Basemen For 2011: Keeper Leagues

Third base is a shallow position.  That’s certainly not news to fantasy owners.  However, there are a few younger players with the potential to join the elite before long.  Pedro Alvarez made his debut in 2010 and Mike Moustakas will likely follow him in 2011.  How do they stack up?  Let’s take a look (obviously, these rankings are dependent on your league format):

  1. Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
  2. David Wright – New York Mets
  3. Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals
  4. Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees
  5. Jose Bautista – Toronto Blue Jays
  6. Pedro Alvarez – Pittsburgh Pirates
  7. Pablo Sandoval – San Francisco Giants
  8. Adrian Beltre – Texas Rangers
  9. Mike Moustakas – Kansas City Royals
  10. Michael Young – Texas Rangers Read more

Rotoprofessor 2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide Available! Order Now For $5

The second update to the Rotoprofessor 2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide was recently released (with the next update due out this week). Among the updates was the addition of NL/AL-Only Auction Values, as well as Middle Infield Rankings, Corner Infield Rankings and much more!

Remember, this is not like the normal draft guide you purchase, because it will be consistently updated reflecting player movement and news. The guide will be in Excel and you will receive an updated document every 2-3 weeks up until the start of the season. Included for just $5:

  • Over 550 player projections
  • The Rotoprofessor’s quick take on every player projected
  • Expanded Rankings (i.e. Top 30 Catchers, Top 100 Starting Pitchers)
  • Top 300 Overall
  • Projected lineups and rotations
  • Top 90 Prospects for 2011 list (on the website, I will be releasing a Top 20 list)
  • Auction Values (including NL/AL-Only)
  • Multiple Position Eligibility Chart
  • And more

The draft guide is not a replacement to the website. Instead, it is a supplement to it. In fact, if there is a player that I’ve done an article on their name will be linked back to the website so you can easily access those articles for more in depth information on any player.

If there is any player who is not included in the original draft guide that you would like to see added, please make the suggestion and I will do my best to include them in the next revision.

This is your chance to have all of the information you need to thrive in your fantasy leagues in 2011. Order Now!!

(Please note that delivery for the guide via e-mail could take up to 24 hours)

Considering that a lot of leagues have transitioned away from the “standard” 5×5 format, replacing average with OBP (or perhaps OPS), I have decided to offer an OBP supplement to the draft guide for just $3 (it will also be in Excel). This supplement will not have all the features of the standard guide, so keep that in mind. All of the rankings will be based on OBP and will include: Read more

Rebound or Bust: Which Ian Kinsler Will Show Up In 2011?

When you mention the name Ian Kinsler, there are a few thoughts that likely instantly come to mind:

  1. Extremely disappointing 2010
  2. Injury prone
  3. 20/20 upside

We all know he is likely going to miss at least a little bit of time at some point in 2011.  He has never played more than 144 games in a season (2009) and played in just 103 last season.  When you draft him, you do so expecting to have to utilize a replacement option.

The real question, however, is if he can rebound from ’10 and reach that potential upside, just like he did in ’09.  Before we can answer that, let’s look at how bad he was last year: Read more

Scouting Report: Aaron Heilmen (2/26 vs. Colorado)

Throughout the season I plan on watching as much baseball as I possibly can.  Numbers can tell you only so much.  Sometimes, you just have to go by what your eyes show you.

Yesterday I watched the first few innings of the Diamondbacks-Rockies game, most notably eyeing what Aaron Heilman, who is vying for a spot in the Diamondbacks rotation, could do.  Obviously, you take very little out of his first two Spring Training innings, but still, here are a few thoughts that I drew from the six batters he faced:

  • All of his pitches were between 79 and 88 mph, though only once did I notice him dip below 83 and once above 87.  That means, for two innings, he basically sat between 83 and 87.  Is that how it is always going to be?  I certainly hope not.  There needs to be more variation.  You can get away with that for an inning or two as a relief pitcher, but when you start having to face people two or three times there’s going to be a problem.  You can’t just throw every pitch around the same speed; hitters are going to catch on. Read more

Top 15 Second Basemen For 2011: OBP Formats

If you play in a standard five-by-five league (i.e., one that includes batting average), you will want to check out our standard league rankings by clicking here.  For those who utilize OBP, let’s take a look at how that changes the rankings (and it does so fairly significantly):

  1. Robinson Cano – New York Yankees
  2. Chase Utley – Philadelphia Phillies
  3. Dustin Pedroia – Boston Red Sox
  4. Dan Uggla – Atlanta Braves
  5. Ian Kinsler – Texas Rangers
  6. Ben Zobrist – Tampa Bay Rays
  7. Rickie Weeks – Milwaukee Brewers
  8. Brandon Phillips – Cincinnati Reds
  9. Martin Prado – Atlanta Braves
  10. Brian Roberts – Baltimore Orioles Read more