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Rookie Review: Can Jean Segura Reach His Full Potential In 2013?

There has never been a question regarding the talent Jean Segura brings to the table, his issue has always been with injuries. Since being signed by the Angels in 2008 he has missed time due to a broken ankle (2008), broken finger (2009) and torn hamstring (2011).

It’s the last injury that was really frustrating, because it kept him out of all but 52 games  and came at a time when everyone wanted to see what he could do. He had broken out in 2010, hitting .313 with 10 HR and 50 SB in 515 AB at Single-A. Instead of being able to prove it was not an aberration, he barely reached the field.

That, however, didn’t stop the hype machine in the least. Baseball America, who still listed him as the teams second best prospect heading into 2012 (behind only Mike Trout), described him by saying:

“Segura matured as a hitter in 2011, demonstrating a willingness to use the entire field and a more patient approach that put him in hitter’s counts more frequently. His strength and explosive, quick-twitch actions excite evaluators almost as much as his short, direct swing. His bat is lightning-quick, and he could consistently bat .290 with as many as 20 homers at his peak because he hits all types of pitches. Scouts regard Segura as an above-average runner, though they qualify that grade by describing his body type as ‘heavy-legged’ or ‘thick.'”

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Latest Update For The 2013 Rotoprofessor Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide Released!

The latest revision of the Rotoprofessor 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide was officially released this morning!  This is actually the fifth version that has been sent out since the initial release date.

This updated included the following two important items:

  1. Top 50 Prospects – Keep in mind this list is geared solely to production in 2013 (not over the course of these prospect’s careers).  That is why some of the bigger names may be lower then anticipated or not included at all.
  2. Top 25 Sleepers – This is not your run of the mill sleeper list.  Just because someone is available late in your draft doesn’t make them a sleeper.  I picked out 25 guys that are generally flying under-the-radar (whether it is because of injuries, previous failures, etc.) and not being discussed extensively, yet have a very real chance of making an impact in 2013.

If you haven’t purchased the guide yet, now is the time to do so!  Remember, on top of all the great information you are also entered into a drawing where one purchaser will win an authenticated Jason Heyward autographed baseball!

There are two ways to receive the guide:

  1. Purchase directly from Rotoprofessor
  2. Make a $5 desposit to FanDuel (newly reduced) and get a $10 bonus as well as the Rotoprofessor Draft Guide free!

For more information on purchasing the guide, click here!!

Searching for Saves: Los Angeles Dodgers

Despite throwing around money like it was going out of style, that doesn’t mean that the Dodgers will enter 2013 without questions.  One of the mysteries surrounds it’s bullpen, though it really shouldn’t.  Let’s take a look at how things currently shake out:

The Closer – Brandon League
Amazingly the Dodgers handed League a 3 year, $22.5 million contract over the offseason (complete with an option for 2016). If you needed any type of example of the riches the Dodgers currently have, throwing this type of money around to a pitcher who shouldn’t be in the ninth inning is the best example.

That’s not to say that League’s a bad pitcher, but it’s not like he is dominant either. Over his career he has posted a 6.71 K/9. Yes, the number jumped to 8.89 after his trade to the NL, but does anyone really think he can maintain it?  An improvement in the NL is one thing, but this is a bit extreme.

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Draft This Not That: Pass On Nelson Cruz, Select Michael Saunders

Nelson Cruz has proven his worth to fantasy owners, when he is able to stay on the field that is.  Last season was actually the first time he played more than 128 games in the Major Leagues, yet the results were nothing to write home about:

.260 with 24 HR, 90 RBI, 86 R and 8 SB

Now, let’s contrast that to the Mariners’ Michael Saunders, who finally got regular playing time in the Majors in 2012 and delivered:

.247 with 19 HR, 57 RBI, 71 R and 21 SB

Obviously, Cruz delievered better numbers overall and thier ADP (according to Mock Draft Central) is as follows:

Cruz – 98.37
Saunders – 185.50

But there are a few things to keep in mind:

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Looking At The Most Innings Pitched Over The Past 5 Years: Will Heavy Workloads Lead To Struggles?

Does a pitchers workload eventually catch up to them?  There obvious is some concern that a pitcher who routinely works 220+ innings a season will breakdown.  With the rash of elbow and shoulder issues across the game, sooner or later part of you has to think it is inevitable.  It isn’t universal, obviously, but it’s something to consider.  With that in mind, here are the 10 pitchers who have worked the most innings over the past five years:

  1. CC Sabathia –  1,158.0
  2. Justin Verlander – 1,154.2
  3. Felix Hernandez – 1,154.2
  4. Roy Halladay – 1,125.2
  5. James Shields – 1,115.0
  6. Cliff Lee – 1,111.0
  7. Matt Cain – 1,099.2
  8. Dan Haren – 1,095.1
  9. Tim Lincecm – 1,067.2
  10. Cole Hamels – 1,061.0

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“True Sleeper”: Will The Dodgers’ Alex Castellanos Be The Next Todd Frazier?

A year ago many people were projecting Todd Frazier to be nothing more than a super sub for the Cincinnati Reds. He didn’t appear to have a true position, though his bat was good enough to justify plugging him a few times per week. After a few injuries hit (including Scott Rolen and Joey Votto), Frazier suddenly found himself entrenched in the Reds lineup.

Could we see another similar scenario play out in 2013, this time for the Los Angeles Dodgers? It certainly appears likely.

The team appears primed to open the year with Hanley Ramirez at shortstop, Luis Cruz at third base and Dee Gordon in the minors. Conventional wisdom is that, when Cruz’ bat proves inept enough, the team will shift Ramirez back to third base and call Gordon up to man shortstop. However, is that really the only possible scenario?

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