David Price moving to Triple A

According to Marc Topkin of The St. Petersburg Times (click here for the post) the Tampa Bay Rays have promoted phenom David Price to Triple A, where he will start on Wednesday.  He’s just that much closer to the majors and it certainly would appear like he’s going to get the call at some point this season.

He’s been unbelievable in his first professional season, going 11-0 with a 1.87 ERA in 15 starts between Single A and Double A.  He’s gone 91.2 innings giving up 70 hits and 23 walks, striking out 92.  Opposing hitters are hitting just .211 against him.

It’s tough to argue that he is not going to be a force to reckon with upon reaching the majors.  The team has got to put him in the rotation, in my opinion, over either Andy Sonnanstine or Edwin Jackson.  He gives them a better chance to win then either of those two, and in the heat of a pennant race, that is what you need.  It’s too much to ask of him to be the difference maker over the Red Sox or Yankees, but that is potentially what he could be.  If you have the bench space and he’s available in your format, you may want to stash him away.  Like I said, it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. Donald Trump says:

    Long time reader, first time poster…
    I agree with you. I think he would have to be called up in September, if not sooner. Sonnanstine or Jackson have to go, probably Jackson. I can’t see them using their #1 prospect sa reliever when they call him up, can you? That would be horrible management, and I just don’t see it. If that is the case, I also think it is tough for a first place team to bench one of their starting five, as they all have been pitching well.
    I think it would make most sense to have him starting in the bigs asap, so the rays can see if he should be starting playoff games for them. He could be their second best pitcher already. This will be very interesting to follow.

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