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I haven’t done this in a while and as we are closing in on draft season, I wanted to see what our loyal readers wanted to see from this site.  What improvements can I make?  What do you like?  Dislike?

I have a few things planned over the next few weeks, including a few reader mock drafts.  It’s easy to see what the experts are doing, but most people don’t draft the same way that experts do.  I have one tentatively set for next week (Tuesday most likely), but I’ll make an official announcement on that either later today or tomorrow.

Of course, 2009 rankings are going to be coming shortly, as well as more Quick Hits, Player Comparisons, Prospect Reports and all the rest that I’ve been doing.  The thing is, it is you, the readers, who truly make this site what it is and I want to know what you would like to see from it.  Feel free to either post a comment here or drop me an e-mail with any thoughts and I will certainly address them.

I again want to thank everyone for their support on this site.  Without the readers, we wouldn’t have lasted as long as we have and we wouldn’t be going strong like we are.  Thank you again and I am looking forward to moving the site into 2009 and well beyond!


  1. Goose says:

    I personally am not a huge fan of mock drafts as every league is different, unless you play in the standard 5×5 rotisserie, which in itself is a bit boring.

  2. s says:

    i’m not a fan of mock drafts. i am in a auction league, where each team can keep up to 12 players, so the mock draft does me no good. i am also in a standard 5×5 league, but again, i don’t value mock drafts as having anything that will predict what round players go in.

    i enjoy the player comparisons and quick hits. i find that you are the only site that has consistent, quality articles like these, and i hope you continue to do them.

    and the amount of posts you have per day is appropriate. other sites tend to post too much.

    i also like that you very rarely post hot stove or trade rumors. i’m sick of rumors on other sites. they never pan out.

  3. admin says:

    I understand people not being big on mock drafts, but I also know a lot of people who do value them to get a feel when someone is going to get drafted (Chris Davis is an example). I wanted to do a mock auction as well, but the site I know of that does them is not doing baseball leagues until February, so that is obviously on hold. Once it opens itself up, then I’ll definitely investigate that.

    As for the Comparisons and Quick Hits, those are definitely going to continue throughout the offseason, and if anything will only intensify as we get closer to the drafts.

    As for rumors, “s”, I do try to avoid them completely. Only once a move is confirmed will I chime in with my opinion. Unfortunately, sometimes reports come out that the deal is done, only to fall through (Renteria yesterday being the prime example).

  4. Ryan says:

    I like mock drafts because they give you an idea of where guys are going. If you do enough of them you can see trends of who’s going earlier than expected and who’s going later, whose stock is rising and whose is falling. Even for auction guys you get an idea of where guys are going and what sort of value you should place on them.

  5. big o says:

    player comparisons are my favorites and i hope to see more of them .

    i’m an avid mock drafter , so i’m am particularly interested in the reports of your expert mock drafts .
    as a reader of the “other” sites , i benefit by the cross-comparisons and opinions of all those involved .
    though some “experts” may shrug these off as simply being early mocks and not something that should be taken seriously , i use them to guage the level of committment of those writers to the opinions they espouse to their readers .

    also , if you should visit any ballparks this summer , i would appreciate hearing about those trips , as well .

    thanks for asking .

  6. Bill says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s why we come. I particularly like the comparisons.

  7. admin says:

    Big O, your talking to someone who loves going to different stadiums (I think I’ve been to about 16-17 different mlb stadiums), so I’m hoping to get out to one this season and will be sure to pass along my views if I do.

    The comparisons seem to be a favorite of a few people, so I will try to focus on doing a few additional of those over the next few weeks. A new one hit me today while I was making my pick for a slow mock draft, so I plan on adressing that in the near future.

  8. Donald says:

    Bro, this site is the best. What I want, personally, is for you to continue regular postings regarding individual players. I need a constant link to thoughts of baseball fantasy relevance, and your site is one of the best. Keep posting.

  9. big o says:

    have made trips to camden yards the past 2 years .

    next , i want to walk across the clemente bridge .

    i read (somewhere) that the cowbells in tampa were part of a hot-dog special . i like reading about crap like that .

    if anyone is planning a once in a life-time trip to camden yards , i can recommend THE best crab house and cheaper hotel accommodations in the area .

    i’d like that kind of info , etc … for my trip to pittsburgh .

    you only live once …. and i’m only going once .

    but , as most have alluded to , if you’re writing , we’re reading ….. so just keep (hunt and) pecking away .

  10. roto5150 says:

    keep up the good work!
    What is it like to do this daily? How much time goes into this site each day. Is it profitable or more a labor of love?

    How about a piece on guys that played only 200-300 AB’s last year that look to get to the 500-600 level this year. guys that were blocked, injuried, platooned or ?? but still had good numbers for half a season such as Tatis .297 11 47 33 3 273 AB’s

  11. admin says:

    It really depends on the day, to be honest, but as you can imagine researching one or two articles every day certainly takes some time. Still, it is something that I absolutely love to do and couldn’t imagine not doing it at this point. I’m hoping to also have a few new tricks up my sleeve for 2009, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that.

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