Two Years Later, Has R.A. Dickey Emerged As A Viable Fantasy Option?

At this time last year we were left wondering if R.A. Dickey could replicate his 2010 success and entrench himself as a viable fantasy option.  One year later, we have gotten our answer:

8 Wins
208.2 Innings
3.28 ERA
1.23 WHIP
134 Strikeouts (5.78 K/9)
54 Walks (2.33 BB/9)
.278 BABIP

It was impossible to draw conclusions off just his 2010 year, given the lack of a history  we had on Dickey.  While he’s been around for a long-time, he only recently re-established himself, now as a knuckleball pitcher.

However, given the 2011 numbers above, there are a few conclusions we can reach:

Dickey offers great control for a knuckleball pitcher, helping him become a source of WHIP
It’s hard to believe, but Dickey actually has proven to be a good source of WHIP for fantasy owners.  He has now posted BB/9 of 2.17 and 2.33 over the past few seasons.  That definitely gives him an advantage to posting good numbers, especially considering his realistic BABIP over the past two years (.276 & .278).  At this point, there’s no reason to think that this is going to change any time soon.

Dickey is not going to be a source of strikeouts
If he was, he would be an even better source of WHIP.  Unfortunately, we need to keep expectations in check.  While the knuckleball can be a tough pitch to hit, he has a tough time generating swings and misses.  This is the second straight year he’s been under 6.0 K/9 (he was at 5.37 in ’10).

Over the past two seasons he has struck out at least 9 batters twice (both in 2011).

Over that same span, he’s struck out 4 batters or less in a start 41 times.

Clearly, fantasy owners need to realize what they are going to get, and this is a definite strike against his potential value.

Dickey is a tough bet for wins
Pitching for the Mets, this is unfortunately going to be a constant trend and it hurt him badly in 2011.  Despite a solid ERA and WHIP, he just couldn’t get many victories.  Unless they strengthen their bullpen (and their offense), he’s doomed for a similar fate in 2012.

It’s great that he’s emerged as a viable option, but let’s be realistic.  He’s a backend spot starter, and nothing more.


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One Response to Two Years Later, Has R.A. Dickey Emerged As A Viable Fantasy Option?

  1. SimonJ - Trade Counsel says:

    Depending on your roster and IP limitations, you’re probably just as well putting out one or two decent setup men instead. The ERA and WHIP look nice but 4 Ks per start and a win every 4 starts really won’t cut it. 6 relievers logged at least 8 wins last year (plus Aceves who made 4 starts), and Dickey only logged 30 more Ks than guys like Clippard and Robertson.

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