2012 Rotoprofessor Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide – Third Update Released (All AL Prospect Lists Included)!

The third update of the 2012 Rotoprofessor Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide (02/20/12) has officially been released, including Top 5 prospect lists for 2012 for all AL teams!  If you have already ordered the guide and not received it, please let me know via e-mail (eric.stashin@gmail.com).  As always, you will then receive updates about every two-to-three weeks from the release date until the start of the season.

I have added a column labeled “Projected Round” to the Top 300, which is based on the current ADP from around the internet (and will be updated throughout the draft season).  This should help you identify the players who I feel are great bargains (i.e. someone who I have ranked at #40 but is being drafted around rounds 6-9) or those who are being overdrafted (i.e. someone who I have ranked at #77 but is being drafted around rounds 3-5).  Keep in mind that the rounds listed are a rough estimate and can vary wildly from draft-to-draft.  Also included:

  • Over 500 player projections (more to come)
  • The Rotoprofessor’s quick take on every player projected
  • Expanded Rankings (i.e. Top 30 Catchers, Top 100 Starting Pitchers)
  • Top 300 Overall
  • Projected lineups and rotations
  • Top 50 Prospects for 2012 list (on the website, I will only be releasing a Top 20 list)
  • Top 5 Prospects for 2012 by team (New for 2012)
  • Auction Values (including NL/AL-Only)
  • Multiple Position Eligibility Chart
  • And more

This season I wanted to do something a little bit different for those who support Rotoprofessor and who are purchasing the 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. So, as a reward, anyone who purchases the guide prior to March 15 will be entered into a very special contest where one randomly selected purchaser will win an autographed Michael Pineda baseball (authenticated by MLB). There is nothing that you need to do but buy the guide and cross your fingers that you win! The winner will be picked on March 15th and will be notified via e-mail. If I don’t hear back within 24 hours, a new winner will be picked. Shipment MAY be delayed a few days if my wife has our baby boy earlier than expected.

You can order the guide now for just $6. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery via e-mail.


  1. jmax says:

    It looks great!!! My fantasy season offically has begun. Maybe that Pineda ball is worth a bit more now that he’s a Yank…

  2. Peter Olson says:

    Great source of info and data! Great job! Better then last year.

    Comment: A loss column for pitchers would be helpful to people in points leagues.

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi: Enjoyed Draft Guide last year so I bought it again this year. Good stuff. Couple suggestions: Put SB column next to the other columns in red so all 5 standard hitting categories are together. Same with pitching – put 5 standard columns together. Also, put average of categories, where average makes sense, at bottom of columns – makes for interesting reference. Both easy to do and I’ve already done it on my spread sheet. Keep up the good work. I hope you’re wrong about Goldschmidt – I have him on my team.

  4. Ray Hendzel says:

    Got my copy, great stuff…….now I need to find open draft rooms to get back to the practicing of player selections when on the clock.

  5. Bill says:

    Belt’s biggest problem Is mr potato head(bochey). Bochey has a history of misusing rookies.

  6. Jarret says:

    I purchased this back in January, When can I expect to get it in my email?

  7. Will says:

    My Top 5 Prospects from each Team section only has the NL East teams – am I missing something, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      No, they are being added with each update. The NL East was first and the AL East will be released in the next update (which should come in the next few days).

  8. bigmover2003 says:

    Enjoy reading your articals, Been a follower for over three years now. I am interested in what impact the Japanese league players are going to make in the majors this year. Any chance on doing a artical on them?

  9. Paul Boston says:

    If you are considering purchasing the draft kit, by all means do it! (Unless you are in my league, then stay away). Thanks!

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