Deep League Primer: Searching For Power In The Later Rounds

by Sean Agranov

One of the most important things to realize when your drafting, whether it be a straight, snake or auction draft, is how you are putting your team together. When drafting in what I call a deep league (14 teams or more in a mixed league format) as you get toward the back end of the draft and the players that are highly touted on every player rater and cheat sheet you can find in a magazine or online tend to be picked.   At this point you can normally look at your lineup and determine you need at least one of the following batting categories to help your lineup out:

  1. Power
  2. Speed
  3. Average

Nothing is worse than figuring out that you are down to the end of your draft and you are short on any of these categories.

To me power is the hardest category to find players for at the late stages of a draft.  Your middle and utility infielders are typically speed guys, and generally those are the last guys we are selecting.  While nothing is guaranteed, here are six names to potentially target very late in your drafts that could provide some potential power if they get the opportunity:

Brandon Allen – 1B – Oakland – The 26-year old should have starting gig for the A’s (though there are a few other options).  My projection is about 20 HRs and a  .240 average.

Mat Gamel – 1B/3B – Milwaukee – Reported to spring training about 25-30 pounds lighter than last season and should be taking over as the starting 1B due to the departure of Prince Fielder.  If he plays all season, as I am expecting, my projection is 18 HRs and a .260 average.

Brett Morel – 3B – Chicago White Sox – 2nd year player should improve upon rookie campaign of 10 homers and a .245 average.   Remember, he started slow but had eight home runs in the final 27 games of 2011.  Morel batted .320 in AAA in 2010 so that low batting average could go way up.

Dayan Viceido – OF – Chicago White Sox – Formerly a3B prospect, Viceido is switching positions and should start in right field in 2012. The Cuban tank can flat out hit. Think 20 HRs and .275 average as realistic.

Nolan Reimold – OF – Baltimore – injuries and a sophomore slump have held him, back but this year you should expect 17+ homers and .260 average

Jerry Sands – OF – Los Angeles Dodgers – Had 29 homers in AAA last year, but struggled in his Major League debut (.253, 4 HR in 198 AB).  If he sticks the second time around expect 20+ homers and at least a .260 average is possible.

So when you get near of the end of your drafts and realize your team needs a few extra home run, keep these power guys in mind.

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Don’t know if you consider this guy as a deep league option, but seeing as how his ADP is around 232 (3 spots ahead of Viciedo), I would imagine that he meets your criteria….

    Chris Heisey looks like a good breakout candidate for some major power output. 18 HR in 120 Games/300 PA last year. His 25% K-rate will hurt your average. He has a good chance to earn regular playing time, but even in the platoon with Ludwick he would earn the majority of time.

    Take his career rates–>
    BB% = 6.6%
    K% = 25.3%
    FB% = 47.8%
    HR/FB% = 16.3%

    If he gets 300 PA, he hits 16 HR
    400 PA gets him 21 HR
    and 500 PA gets him 26 HR

  2. Sean A. says:

    Nick yes i agree Heisley is another good option but he has gone earlier than all of the guys i mentioned. Actually I am surprised he is so close to Viciedo in ADP, maybe Viciedo is creeping upward since i last checked

    • Nick Tenaglia says:

      In my main Dynasty League I just traded Matt Joyce and a couple pitching prospects for Heisey/Ludwick and a SP…. So I am pretty high on him right now

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