Rotoprofessor Turns 5 Years Old Today + Rankings Professor Officially Relaunches!

Has it really been that long?!?!  It really doesn’t feel like it, but five years ago today I officially launched Rotoprofessor (just to show you how things have changed, the first article discussed who should be the #2 pick in the draft, including David Wright & Jose Reyes).

I really can’t thank everyone who has visited and contributed to the site in anyway over the past five years (whether it was writing, commenting or just reading the articles) enough.  With out you none of this would’ve been possible.

We have come a long ways over the years, and hopefully things just continue to grow.  Along those lines, I have officially relaunched!  While Rotoprofessor focuses simply on Fantasy Sports, Rankings Professor will feature all sports and all topics.

The first post is up, looking at the 2013 Composite Prospect Rankings for the Houston Astros.  The rankings take eight of the best prospect rankings on the internet and combine them for a “composite” ranking.  Make sure you check that out by clicking here.

(Please keep in mind that there is still some work going on behind the scenes, so there may be changes to the themese as the day goes on.  I expect everything to be finaliazed by tomorrow, so please be patient.)

Later today we will have our first weekly Power Rankings, taking a look at the NHL, so make sure to check back for that as well!

Once again, I want to thank everyone for all their support over the years.  I couldn’t have done this without any of you.  Here’s to another great five years and more!!


  1. GT says:

    Congratulations! This site improves consistently and maintains a high level of insight.

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