Five Wild Predictions For The 2013 Fantasy Baseball Season

Everyone loves getting a little wild from time to time, don’t they?  While I definitely wouldn’t be putting any money on these predictions, here are five wild ones for the upcoming season:

1) Paul Goldschmidt goes off for 40 HR and 20 SB
Which of these numbers would actually be more unbelievable?   While he didn’t show his full power in ’12, he had 38 HR between Double-A and the Majors in ’11.  The power should vastly improve this season.  As for the speed, while he had 18 last year that’s probably the bigger question.  Let’s be honest, though, we would all be happy with a 30/10 year, wouldn’t we?  That probably isn’t a crazy notion in the least.

2) Fernando Rodney saves fewer than 15 games
I know I am in the minority, but it’s impossible for me to buy into Rodney exceling again as closer given both his track record and the Rays.  Remember, the team has not had the same player lead in saves in back-to-back years for eight seasons running.  They are always able to find someone to step in, but that speaks to their ability to find suitable bullpen arms not develop long-term solutions.  My money is on Jake McGee leading the team with 22 (for those in Wild Prediction land).

3) Kyle Seager will be a Top 3 fantasy third baseman in 2013
How much wilder do you want to get?  Last season he showed an increased ability to hit for power (20 HR to go along with 35 doubles) and also that he had the potential to hit for a good average.  Yes, overall he was at .259 but he made good contact (16.9%) with a good line drive rate (21.9%) yet only managed a .286 BABIP.  The Mariners lineup is improved around him, which also should mean more opportunities.  To be a Top 3 third baseman, he could need to go .300/30/100/100…  So, for wild prediction purposes that’s exactly what we’ll say!

4) Shin-Soo Choo will outperform Andrew McCutchen
Yea, I’m not so sure I believe this one either but I also wouldn’t call it impossible.  Choo has proven that he can go 20/20 in Cleveland and, now moving to a much better hitter’s ballpark, could 30/30 be within reach?  As for McCutchen there’s likely going to be a regression in store after he posted a .375 BABIP and 19.4% HR/FB.  The question is if Choo can increase his numbers enough to overtake McCutchen?

5) Matt Harvey & Jonathan Niese will both post ERAs under 3.25 and WHIPs under 1.15
The future is bright for the Mets, with Harvey & Niese leading the charge.  In the second half of 2012 both pitchers gave us an indication of how good they can be.  The question is if they can they put it together for a full season?  The talent is certainly there to thrive.

What are your thoughts of these five predictions?  Which do you think is the most likely of coming true?  Which is completely outlandish?


  1. Sawyer says:

    I think Harvey having a WHIP that low is pretty outlandish…..

  2. el burro says:


    Happy Opening Day to you and your imaginary players.

    14 team mixed, redraft, 6×6 (ops, holds), we start 12 pitchers (4 SP, 2 RP required + 6 flex), no innings cap, but must pitch 40 inn per week

    SP – MadBum, Gallardo, Niese, AJ Griffin, Shelby, Jose Fernandez, Wily Peralta
    RP – Jansen, McGee, Marshall, Albuquerque
    BENCH – Garza, Wheeler, Venters

    Question #1: Its looking increasingly likely that Venters is gone for quite some time (heard minimum of 1 month up to the entire season), which somewhat messes up my “dominate holds” / RP strategy. Given the likely extended loss of Venters, which of these RP/ Set-up guys do you prefer as a replacement given the format/ scoring?

    Junichi Tazawa – his ’12 2nd half was amazing; hold today.
    Sean Burnett – could get a lot of opportunities – not sure if the presence of Scott Downs impacts his role negatively yet. Had a great ’12.
    Mark Melancon / Tony Watson – either excite you in the Pitt pen?
    Wilton Lopez – shelled today. Afraid that Brothers is the arm of the future.
    Steve Delabar – wildly effective; wonky stuff — but may have legit shot at the 8th inning.
    JJ Hoover – not great today; but like him. Usually dont like owning multiple MR from same squad and I roster Marshall.

    Question #2: Mike Fiers became available after being pre-maturely dumped once Wily Peralta (who I also own) was announced the starter. I know you were pretty high on him pre-season / draft wise, so do you think he’s worth an add over any of my CURRENT STAFF – SP / Bench above? If so, who?

    PS – love the Seager projection as I own him in both my 14 teamers


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