Speed Kills: Potential Stolen Base Sleepers For Week 8 (Emilio Bonifacio & More)

Are you in need of some speed for the upcoming week?  Here are a few names to keep in mind when setting your lineup:

Eric Hosmer & Mike Moustakas – Kansas City Royals
The Royals have four games against Chris Iannetta (who leads the league with 31 SB against) and the Los Angeles Angels. Everyone has the potential to chip in a few, but Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain are probably the top candidates.

That said, the potential for a stolen base or two from struggling hitters like Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, if they can actually get on base, does help provide a slight boost for the coming week.  Does that make these two good options?  No, but it could be a nice tie breaker.

Emilio Bonifacio – Toronto Blue Jays
Jose Lobaton and Jose Molina have combined to allow 39 stolen bases this season, meaning teams facing them should be on the move early and often. For the Blue Jays, they then get the Baltimore Orioles for four games. Though Matt Wieters has been exceptional at gunning down runners this season, 7 games should yield ample opportunities.

That means Bonifacio, who played in all four games this past week, will get an opportunity to show off his wheels. Remember, he is the same player who had 70 SB in 709 AB between 2011 and 2012.

Jayson Nix – New York Yankees
Like Toronto, the Yankees get to see the Rays and their inability to stop opposing running games. There are the obvious names like Brett Gardner, but if you are desperate for a middle infielder Jayson Nix does offer some potential. He had 6 SB in 177 AB for the Yankees last season and has had as many as 10 in a Major League season. He isn’t going to be a huge threat, but there is some potential. Consider him a very deep sleeper.

Also, while Ichiro Suzuki has struggled overall this season don’t underestimate him. If he gets on base he should be able to chip in one or two steals.

Leonys Martin – Texas Rangers
Oakland catchers have allowed 29 SB this season, so you have to like the potential of Leonys Martin. Things continue to look good over the weekend, where he draws the Seattle Mariners. While Kelly Shoppach hasn’t been bad, Jesus Montero has only caught 1 of 24 attempted base runners.

Martin has 5 SB over his past five games and should contine to be given chances to run if he gets on base.

Robbie Grossman & Jimmy Paredes – Houston Astros
The Astros suddenly have a lineup full of stolen base potential, including Robbie Grossman, Jose Altuve & Jimmy Paredes. Like Leonys Martin, three games against the Oakland A’s should give them ample opportunities to steal bases. Obviously Altuve is a good play, but consider Grossman & Paredes deeper league options, though their first three games against Kansas City doesn’t offer quite as much stolen base appeal.

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