Discussion of the Day: Ranking the Top 5 Fantasy First Basemen for the Remainder of 2013

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

First base was always viewed as a source of power for fantasy owners, so it may surprise you to find out that there are only five 1B to hit over 25 HR this season.  In other words, those who are hitting for power are going to get a little bump in the rankings, though it’s hardly the only thing we look for.

Here is how I currently rank the Top 5 fantasy 1B, let’s hear how you stack them up in the comments:

1) Paul Goldschmidt – Arizona Diamondbacks – He is a rare 5 category producer from 1B, as he’s the only with 20+ HR and 10+ SB at the position (Edwin Encarnacion should eventually become the second).  He also offers as much potential in the average department as anyone (21.0% strikeout rate, 22.4% line drive rate), making him the total package.

2) Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles – One of the premier sluggers in the game, he’s clearly proven last season was no aberration.  That said, he still strikes out a ton (29.4%) and could slow down in the power department (33.1% HR/FB).

3) Joey Votto – Cincinnati Reds – Not as much power as we would’ve hoped for, but it’s still hard to argue that he’s not among the elite at the position.

4) Edwin Encarnacion – Toronto Blue Jays – As we said with Goldschmidt, Encarnacion should soon become the second 1B with 20+ HR and 10+ SB.  Also, like Goldschmidt, he’s already reached 30 HR and has shown the skill set to produce a big average (9.8% strikeout rate, 22.5% line drive rate).

5) Prince Fielder – Detroit Tigers – Even in “down” power seasons Fielder’s HR/FB has routinely been at 17.9% or better.  Entering play on Sunday he was at 12.6%.  Don’t be surprised to see him get scorching hot for the final six weeks of the season.

Just Missed – Freddie Freeman

There’s my 5, what are your thoughts?  Who do you have as your Top 5 First Baseman for the rest of the season?


  1. Greg says:

    Disappointing that Ortiz is not on here. Yes, he is primarily a DH, but he is listed as 1B in Yahoo and also ESPN I believe, so he should be here, And, I own him, and would put him over Fielder….he’s been consistent for about 2 hrs EVERY week, even a few steals, and his average stays high. He has not really slumped all year….tx.

  2. Bbboston says:


    With now thee consecutive months of impressive stats, what are your thoughts on Hosmer?

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    Greg – Ortiz only played 7 games at 1B last season and 1 game this season, so in the majority of formats he is not eligible at the position. Not sure he would’ve made it anyways, but he honestly wasn’t considered.

    Bbboston – The problem with Hosmer is if he is going to be able to start generating enough power. While he has hit some HR this season, his fly ball rate is just 24.4% overall. It is up in August, at 34.3%, but we’ll have to see if he is going to be able to maintain that. He has value as a potential 15/15 type 1B with a good AVG, but 1B is still a power position. If you wanted to depend on him you need to make sure you are getting plenty of HR elsewhere. As of right now, I’d consider him more of a CI.

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