Quick Projection: Matt Garza

2009 Projection:
195.0 IP, 14 W, 3.97 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 149 K (6.88 K/9), 65 BB (3.00 BB/9)

Acquired by the Rays as part of the big trade last off-season (which included Delmon Young), he was great and made everyone believe that the Rays completely fleeced the Twins.  He certainly has the potential to repeat the production he’s shown, having posted back-to-back sub-4 ERAs (though ’07 was in just 83.0 innings).

His WHIP last season was impressive, at 1.24, and while I’m expecting a regression there (thanks to his BABIP, which was a low .278 last season), he’s still going to be better then average there.  Throw in the fact he plays for one of the better teams in baseball and Garza could easily continue as one of the better pitchers in the league and well worth using in all formats.

What does everyone else think?  Could Garza repeat his ’08 performance?  Could he improve?

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  1. Ryan says:

    I think he’ll improve. I don’t know if he can spit any more than he did last year though. Man, that’s an annoying tick.

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