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Let’s continue with the Wild Predictions.  If you are new to Rotoprofessor, keep in mind that these are occurrences that I wouldn’t expect to happen more then 20% of the time (in most cases, the chances are a lot less then that).

Prince Fielder leads the league in RBI
He had just 102 last season…  Yeah, I know, “just” 102…  The fact of the matter is that 2008 was a down year, especially considering he hit 50 HR with 119 RBI the year before.  Is he going to return to the world of 50 HR?  Probably not, but even if he gets back to 40, the Brewers offense has the potential to be electric.  What if the Brewers can finally find a leadoff hitter who can consistently get on base, be it Rickie Weeks or someone else?  If that were to happen, with Ryan Braun and Corey Hart potentially hitting in front of him (in today’s Spring Training game, Hart hit second), Fielder would have a chance to do some serious, serious damage.

Chance of happening: 14%

What does everyone think?  Any chance of this happening?

Previous Wild Predictions:

1. Joel Zumaya saves at least 30 games
2. Nick Markakis leads the league in OBP
3. Derek Jeter will hit below .280
4. Frank Francisco will pick up at least 40 saves while holding the closer’s job all season
5. Brad Lidge will save 30 games or less
6. Edwin Encarnacion will hit at least 35 HR
7. Erik Bedard will win at least 18 games
8. Willy Taveras will hit 5 HR
9. Ichiro scores less then 90 runs
10. Rickie Weeks hits .290 or better
11. Carlos Beltran hits at least 45 HR
12. Jose Ceda saves at least 25 games
13. Troy Tulowitzki drives in at least 120 RBI
14. Zack Greinke strikes out at least 220 batters
15. Randy Johnson strikes out at least 200 batters
16. Adam LaRoche drives in at least 120 RBI
17. Ryan Doumit hits at least 28 HR
18. Ian Snell posts an ERA under 4.00
19. Rafael Furcal steals at least 40 bases
20. Scott Kazmir wins 10 games or less
21. Yovani Gallardo posts a WHIP of 1.19 or better
22. Coco Crisp hits at least .300
23. Jacoby Ellsbury steals 70 bases

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  1. Ryan says:

    Not a bad one, but if Papi is healthy and has two leadoff hitters essentially in Pedroia and Ellsbury, he’s got a good chance. Fielder’s chances have improved since Mr. Madonna is on the DL with the bum hip.

  2. Christian says:

    Frank Francisco is going to be the man. I am glad that you like him as well!!! I think your in sight is awsome and look forward to reading your articles daily! Thanks for the great info! Keep up the good work!

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