Wild Predictions – Texas Rangers

Let’s continue with the Wild Predictions.  If you are new to Rotoprofessor, keep in mind that these are occurrences that I wouldn’t expect to happen more then 20% of the time (in most cases, the chances are a lot less then that).

The Rangers win the AL West
It’s tough to imagine considering they would need to overtake the Angels, but what if their pitching comes together?  What if one of their veterans can turn back the clock?  What if Matt Harrison becomes the pitcher that I (and I think only I) believe he can be?  What if Derek Holland or Neftali Feliz joins the rotation by mid-season and sets the world on fire?  I know that’s a lot of what ifs…

There are also questions about the hitting.  Can Josh Hamilton keep it going for a full season?  Is Nelson Cruz a potential breakout or bust?  Will Chris Davis continue to develop?  Can Ian Kinsler and Hank Blalock stay healthy?

For this to happen, they need everything to go right.  If one thing goes wrong, the chances decrease significantly.  If two or more go wrong, they may has well just mail it in.  Still, with the significant injuries the Angels have had to their pitching staff already, the potential of this happening is increasing by the day.

Chance of happening: 16%

What does everyone think?  Any chance of this happening or am I completely crazy?

Previous Wild Predictions:

1. Joel Zumaya saves at least 30 games
2. Nick Markakis leads the league in OBP
3. Derek Jeter will hit below .280
4. Frank Francisco will pick up at least 40 saves while holding the closer’s job all season
5. Brad Lidge will save 30 games or less
6. Edwin Encarnacion will hit at least 35 HR
7. Erik Bedard will win at least 18 games
8. Willy Taveras will hit 5 HR
9. Ichiro scores less then 90 runs
10. Rickie Weeks hits .290 or better
11. Carlos Beltran hits at least 45 HR
12. Jose Ceda saves at least 25 games
13. Troy Tulowitzki drives in at least 120 RBI
14. Zack Greinke strikes out at least 220 batters
15. Randy Johnson strikes out at least 200 batters
16. Adam LaRoche drives in at least 120 RBI
17. Ryan Doumit hits at least 28 HR
18. Ian Snell posts an ERA under 4.00
19. Rafael Furcal steals at least 40 bases
20. Scott Kazmir wins 10 games or less
21. Yovani Gallardo posts a WHIP of 1.19 or better
22. Coco Crisp hits at least .300
23. Jacoby Ellsbury steals 70 bases
24. Prince Fielder leads the league in RBI
25. Clayton Kershaw strikes out 190 batters or more

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  1. fijis says:

    At the rate that LAA’s staff is dropping (Lackey, Santana, Escobar, et al) every Friday night in Anaheim may turn into “Pitch for the Angels Night”. (Contest open to first 100 fans at the gate, age 16 and older.) On the other side of the ball, Vlad’s games played has dropped three straight years and SLG has dropped *five* years in a row, also note that Morales is no Teixeira. I could see this year being a real test for Scioscia. If things fall apart (any more) for the Angels, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see the Rangers float to the top in the West.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’d be surprised if Texas won it, but not floored.

  3. Chuck says:

    As a Rangers fan, I think I’d be more surprised than anyone if they went to the playoffs this year (which would surely take a division win to accomplish). I’m pretty sure the mentality of the pitching staff is being positively challenged, but I think the defense is still too patchy to give the Rangers a real chance. The offense is solid, and if the Rangers produce like last year, they’ll challenge for most runs produced (no news there).

    But it would take next to a miracle for all the ingredients coming together to produce those 15 extra wins to overtake the Angels. Whatever you think about their team, I find it very unlikely they’d win less than 93 games. I felt like the Rangers over-achieved last year to wind up with 79 wins; it sure felt like they were winning lots of 1-run games.

  4. Chad says:

    Texas doesn’t have to come all the way up to the Angels this year, the Angels might just come to them. They were very offensively challenged a lot of last year and won because of their pitching. Saunders had a career year, Santana put it all together, etc., etc. and it isn’t looking like they’ll have nearly as good of a staff with all of the fill-ins they will be forced to use for the first third of the season or however long it takes them to get their main guys back in the rotation.

    Then again, whatever they find will probably be better than Texas’ staff.

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