To Stash Or Not To Stash: CC Sabathia & Jurickson Profar

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Are you an owner facing a roster crunch?  While it’s sometimes tough to part ways with injured players, it’s unfortunately a fact of playing fantasy baseball at times.  Let’s take a look at if it’s worth holding onto CC Sabathia or Jurickson Profar, as they face lengthy DL stints:


CC Sabathia – New York Yankees
If it hadn’t been for the injury, sidelining him until July, my thought process would likely be different. However, if I were in need of a roster spot at this point I wouldn’t be adverse to moving on.

The underlying metrics remain promising, whether it is his 9.39 K/9 or 1.96 BB/9 or poor luck (.350 BABIP). However, do we believe he can maintain that type of strikeout rate, especially given his dramatic drop in velocity (88.8 mph)? You could argue that his velocity was down due to the injury, but it’s a hard sell.

With only a five mph difference to his change-up, the stuff simply may not be there. His line drive rate, which has been over 21% for the past three years, was sitting at 22.1% this season.

With a lot of mileage on his arm, his time may simply have come. If you have room on your roster to stash him that’s fine, but if you are in need he’s not a gamble to take.


Jurickson Profar – Texas Ranger
Texas just can’t catch a break this season, can they? On the same day they learned that Prince Fielder had been lost for the season came news that Profar re-injured his shoulder and would miss an additional 8-12 weeks.

If it’s the latter, that puts him out until the end of August. Unless you are in a keeper league, it just doesn’t make sense to hold out hope at this point.

What’s to say there isn’t another setback? Plus, even when he does return there easily could be an adjustment period as it’s going to be a long time in between facing Major League pitching.  Cut your loses, because it’s looking unlikely he produces any viable numbers in 2014.

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