Breaking: Mookie Betts Recalled, Immediate Must Own!

Betts is currently hitting .345 with 8 HR, 48 RBI, 70 R and 29 SB between Double and Triple-A.

In our last Prospect Power Rankings Betts was ranked #1 and we said:

“With Grady Sizemore released, the need for Betts on the Major League roster has increased dramatically.  Jackie Bradley Jr. continues to flounder and Brock Holt had no outfield experience heading into the season, yet alone centerfield.  The fact that they are letting Holt learn on the job indicates that they could do the same thing with Betts, who has already been working at the position at both Double and Triple-A.

While he got his Triple-A career off slowly, he’s suddenly caught fire once again.  He’s currently on a seven-game hitting streak (through June 22) going 12-32 with 7 RBI, 2 R and 3 SB.  Even more impressive then the numbers overall (and those are jaw dropping), is the fact that he has 32 K vs. 45 BB.  The Red Sox have struggled, but with baseball in general mediocre this season it will only take one hot streak to get into a Wild Card position.  Betts could certainly offer that spark.”

Needless to say, if he’s available in your league he’s a must own option immediately.

For more on Betts check out:


  1. Marky Mark says:

    I’m actually a little disappointed in the timing of this. I was hoping to wait to find out if Wright was going to go on the DL with this shoulder thing, so I could have possibly avoided making a cut I didn’t want to have to make.

  2. Mookie says:

    So this is what true love feels like.

  3. shawn says:

    I know a buddy of mine wanted to grab him as much as I did in the league im in so I rushed to the wire to scoop him up. But I had to drop brian dozier for him. Am I crazy?

  4. Bryan says:

    ESPN stunk it up on this one, not making Betts available until today and requiring a Waiver claim (list) to pick him up (rather than free agency) making him available on Tuesday, a day after we lock in our weekly lineups.

  5. Nick @EduGatorCT says:

    Grabbed him Saturday in both of my leagues. Boom! Need SS help in one. Hoping he can provide SB in the other (roto) or start out hot and be the exciting trade bait everyone gets excited about. In the actual real world, a reason to watch more Red Sox games this season!

  6. Rotoprofessor says:

    shawn – You may be a little bit crazy…lol I am all for using a significant portion of your FAAB for him, especially in keeper leagues, but how much better than Dozier is it possible for him to be? He’s going to hit for less power and while the AVG is going to be better, he’s hitting at the bottom of the lineup for now.

    Bryan – I agree, he should’ve been added weeks ago. Unfortunately he wasn’t and he’s always going to be put on waivers initially. There’s no way around that. The solution would’ve been adding him to the database a month ago, when the hype machine really started going.

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