Dynasty League Rankings (2016): Top 20 Shortstops

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

From a dynasty perspective shortstop may be the toughest position to rank. Why? It seems like nearly all of the elite prospects are currently slotted at shortstop, so exactly how do you rank them compared to players who are already in the Majors? To an extent it’s tricky, though there is a group of top prospects on the verge of arriving (like J.P. Crawford and Orlando Arcia) and it’s not a bad “problem” to have. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how things currently rank:

1) Carlos Correa – Houston Astros (21-years old)
2) Corey Seager – Los Angeles Dodgers (21-years old)
3) Xander Bogaerts – Boston Red Sox (23-years old)
4) Troy Tulowitzki – Toronto Blue Jays (31-years old)
5) Francisco Lindor – Cleveland Indians (22-years old)
6) Addison Russell – Chicago Cubs (22-years old)
7) Marcus Semien – Oakland A’s (25-years old)
8) Ian Desmond – Free Agent (30-years old)
9) Jung-Ho Kang – Pittsburgh Pirates (28-years old)
10) J.P. Crawford – Philadelphia Phillies (21-years old)
11) Brendan Rodgers – Colorado Rockies (19-years old)
12) Alex Bregman – Houston Astros (22-years old)
13) Starlin Castro – New York Yankees (26-years old)
14) Dansby Swanson – Atlanta Braves (22-years old)
15) Orlando Arcia – Milwaukee Brewers (21-years old)
16) Trea Turner – Washington Nationals (22-years old)
17) Ketel Marte – Seattle Mariners (22-years old)
18) Alcides Escobar – Kansas City Royals (29-years old)
19) Brandon Crawford – San Francisco Giants (29-years old)
20) Jorge Mateo – New York Yankees (20-years old)


  • We are going to take a look at Xander Bogaerts, in detail, in the very near future. That said, as we can see (click here for the article) Bogaerts was one of the luckier hitters in 2015 as his .372 BABIP came courtesy of a 21.5% line drive rate. Barring significant growth in his power, something we aren’t banking on (52.7% groundball rate, 257.011 average distance on non-groundballs), there’s going to be a significant regression. There’s still upside, which is why he remains high on these rankings, but consider him a bit of a land mine.
  • If you wanted to knock Troy Tulowitzki down a few more spots, given the injury history and the fact that he’ll now be playing half his games on turf, you’d be justified. That said he should still have a few more good years left in him and there’s no arguing how good he is when on the field.
  • Speaking of Tulowitzki, how soon will it be before Brandon Rodgers makes us forget about him in Colorado? There’s going to be some time before he arrives, but that’s what type of upside he has.
  • Our concerns about Addison Russell are well known (you can click here for the article), though a lot of those center around 2016 as opposed to long-term. He remains one of the top options, it will likely just take him some time to develop.
  • J.P. Crawford is going to arrive in 2016, the question is simply when. You could argue pushing him as high as #5 or 6, given his upside, though we need to see him prove that he can perform in the Majors before pushing him quite that high.
  • We are big fans of Alcides Escobar, but he is no spring chicken and depends on his speed for his potential value. In other words there could be a steep falloff, suppressing his spot on these rankings.
  • Jose Reyes falls off these rankings as he’s clearly on the decline and has a suspension looming. You could justify selecting him before some of the players on this list, but it’s a hard sell at this point.

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