Dynasty League Rankings (2016): Top 40 Outfielders: #21-40

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Earlier this week we kicked off our Dynasty League outfield rankings (click here to view), so let’s keep them rolling.  Who are the next 20 outfielders on our draft board?  Let’s take a look:

21) Michael Brantley – Cleveland Indians (28-years old)
22) Jason Heyward – Chicago Cubs (26-years old)
23) Nelson Cruz – Seattle Mariners (35-years old)
24) Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers (32-years old)
25) Byron Buxton – Minnesota Twins (22-years old)
26) Michael Conforto – New York Mets (23-years old)
27) Carlos Gonzalez – Colorado Rockies (30-years old)
28) Billy Hamilton – Cincinnati Reds (26-years old)
29) Billy Burns – Oakland A’s (25-years old)
30) Delino Deshields Jr. – Texas Rangers (23-years old)
31) Mark Trumbo – Baltimore Orioles (30-years old)
32) Hunter Pence – San Francisco Giants (32-years old)
33) Jacoby Ellsbury – New York Yankees (32-years old)
34) Kole Calhoun – Los Angeles Angels (28-years old)
35) Corey Dickerson – Tampa Bay Rays (26-years old)
36) Lewis Brinson – Texas Rangers (21-years old)
37) Dexter Fowler – Chicago Cubs (30-years old)
38) Adam Eaton – Chicago White Sox (27-years old)
39) Wil Myers – San Diego Padres (25-years old)
40) Marcell Ozuna – Miami Marlins (25-years old)


  • There are some intriguing outfield prospects on the horizon (like the Rangers’ duo of Lewis Brinson & Nomar Mazara and the Indians’ Bradley Zimmer), but do they really offer any more upside than someone like Michael Conforto? The Mets’ outfielder has already proven capable of producing in the Majors (.270 with 9 HR in 194 PA) and should see his role grow in 2016. There’s a good chance he ends the year as a Top 20 option, as long as the Mets give him an opportunity against LHP.
  • There are certainly some intriguing young speedy outfielders making their mark, in Billy Hamilton, Billy Burns and Delino Deshields Jr. Hamilton remains atop this pack, as his upside in the stolen base department is by far the highest, but his risk in the average department could easily make him in the least valuable of the trio. Just keep that in mind.  We took a look at Hamilton recently, which you can read by clicking here.
  • Ryan Braun continues to battle injuries and the attention from his PED suspension, making him feel like an “old” 32-years old. Sure he posted a solid 2015 campaign, but over the long haul is he a trustworthy option? He should have a few solid seasons left, but we couldn’t blame anyone for bypassing him altogether.
  • It’s easy to overlook young power hitters like Stephen Piscotty and Marcell Ozuna, but with home runs down both could make a long-term impact. That’s not to say that they are must draft players, but that potential keeps them just inside the Top 40 given their age, upside and the fact that they already have experience (especially Ozuna). Piscotty just missed the rankings, but he’s certainly a Top 50 dynasty option.
  • Carlos Gonzalez had a monster second half, but does that mean we should trust him in either 2016 or the future? Take a look at our projection by clicking here.

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  1. jbona3 says:

    I’m surprised someone like Randal Grichuk didn’t crack the top 40, given his power potential is greater than Piscotty and I’d say his long term upside is greater than some of the old guys here (Fowler, Ellsbury, Pence, etc.).

  2. Sawyer says:

    Buxton is way too low. Heyward being listed at all is a surprise. And where is Michael Taylor?

  3. Tuco says:

    No Soler, Puig, Pederson in the top 40?

  4. Rotoprofessor says:

    jbona3 – Grichuk has far too much swing and miss in his game for my liking. He was considered, but like Pisocotty he did fall short.

    Sawyer – I do think Heyward is overrated, but it’s impossible not to include him here as there is still value. Taylor has far too much swing and miss and could ultimately profile as a fourth outfielder. There’s no questioning the upside, but his ranking is dependent on how much focus you want to put on the future, as opposed to the present. He could easily move into the Top 10 this seaosn, but there’s a lot of risk.

    Tuco – They were all considered, but both Puig/Soler haven’t shown the upside (though it’s there) and were both just misses. Pederson, like Grichuk/Taylor, has way too much strikeout and risk involved though he remains an interesting option.

  5. Came to drop bombs says:

    In a dynasty draft, mlb squad is in good condition and minors are pretty healthy too so need doesn’t totally apply tho would probably lean pitcher help side if anything. 12tm keep 25 of 36 lge, 5×5 h2h. Would you draft Ian Happ or Frances Martes? Thx

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