2016 Rankings: Updated Top 15 Relief Pitchers: How Far Does Chapman Fall & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

We finally got a resolution regarding the potential Aroldis Chapman suspension, as word came down yesterday that he would miss 30 games (and not appeal it). Obviously he remains one of the better options in the league, but missing a chunk of the season has got to send him down the rankings.

Could the Yankees ease him into the role upon his return? Is there any chance that Andrew Miller makes it impossible to remove him from ninth inning duties? The second question seems highly unlikely, though stranger things have happened. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how our rankings currently look:

1) Kenley Jansen – Los Angeles Dodgers (1)
2) Craig Kimbrel – Boston Red Sox (3)
3) Zach Britton – Baltimore Orioles (4)
4) Jeurys Familia – New York Mets (5)
5) Wade Davis – Kansas City Royals (6)
6) Mark Melancon – Pittsburgh Pirates (7)
7) Trevor Rosenthal – St. Louis Cardinals (8)
8) Ken Giles – Houston Astros (9)
9) Aroldis Chapman – New York Yankees (2)
10) Hector Rendon – Chicago Cubs (10)
11) Jake McGee – Colorado Rockies (11)
12) Shawn Tolleson – Texas Rangers (12)
13) Cody Allen – Cleveland Indians (13)
14) Sean Doolittle – Oakland A’s (14)
15) David Robertson – Chicago White Sox (15)


  • There are a few “questionable” options towards the top of this list, including Ken Giles and Jake McGee. It seems hard to imagine either one of them not getting their respective jobs, after their team’s gave up significant assets to acquire them, but until we get definitive word there is a bit of risk hanging over them.
  • Is Shawn Tolleson a closer who is being overlooked by fantasy owners heading into 2016? We tried to answer that question, which you can read by clicking here.
  • The Oakland A’s added Ryan Madsen and John Axford this offseason, so they certainly have depth should Sean Doolittle prove incapable of returning to his pre-injury form. That said, all reports have been positive and there is reason to believe that he’s going to return to being one of the better closers in the league.

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  1. Bryan Shisler says:

    After 40 saves multiple years running, why no Houston Street love. The wheels haven’t fallen off yet, right?

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      He’s a solid option, but he doesn’t have strikeout upside and could have home run issues (1.01 HR/9 last season). He’s nothing more than a CL2 for me

      • Bryan says:

        I’d be interested in reading about your next 15 (CL2). The guys you identified here all have pretty solid jobs, it’s finding the most secure CL2 that’s the tough part.

        What are your thoughts on Osuna’s outlook?

        • Rotoprofessor says:

          We’re going to be publishing a running list ranking the closers starting soon. Make sure to keep checking for it 🙂

          As for Osuna, I’m not so sure he’s going to get the job unfortunately. They’ve hinted towards his ability to work multiple innings working against him.

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