Purchase Rotoprofessor’s 2016 Mid-Season Projections For Just $4.50!

If you’ve purchased the Rotoprofessor Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide before, you know the value that it brings as you prepare for the season.  For the first time ever we are going to bring you that same value to help with your push towards a championship, as we will be providing a mid-season draft guide!  This guide will be released over the MLB All-Star Break (in Excel format via e-mail) and will include:

  • Expanded Rest of Season Rankings
  • Player Profiles (not for every player, but those who have a significant change in value)
  • Rest of Season Projections
  • Buy Low Candidates
  • Sell High Candidates
  • Bullpen Depth Chart
  • And More!

There is little doubt that this will help push you towards a championship.  Make sure to check it out and take home your 2016 Fantasy Baseball Title!


  1. Bryan says:


    How confident are you that Siegrist is up over Oh? Another site feels Oh needs to be the one rostered. Drop the unexciting Jeffrees from Mil for either?

    1 Point Per Base (single 1, double 2, etc)
    1 Point Per SB, RBI and BB
    -1 Per SO
    2 Pts Per Run

    Roster just one in my OF (12 Team, H2H, Weekly Pts)
    – B Gardner
    – M Taylor
    – M Kepler
    – Moya

    Ps. Bought your mid-season guide. Currently at 8-3 so it’s championship or bust!

  2. eric says:

    Hi RP: I paid but it’s not clear how to access the report. Any help?

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    Bryan – It reallycould go either way, but I wouldn’t drop a current closer to gamble on someone taking over (as it is, it’s no guarantee Rosenthal is even removed from the role)

    eric – It’s a pre-order right now. It will be e-mailed out to you over the All-Star Break. Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy!

  4. Bryan says:

    Thanks. Could you review my 2nd question?

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