Bullpen Notes: July 25, 2017: Trying to Find Clarity In Philadelphia + Texas & More

Are you following @Rotoprofessor on Twitter? If not you should be, as we Tweet out all the important bullpen notes every morning from the previous day’s games. Who is in jeopardy of losing their job? Who is worth the speculative add? Here are this morning tweets (Please note we won’t be posting these on the website every day, so make sure you follow @Rotoprofessor to ensure you don’t miss a thing):

Rotoprofessor recently debuted our Reliever Reliability Quotient (RRQ), in an effort to determine whose skills translate best for late inning roles.  Make sure to check out our introduction of the stat by clicking here.


  1. deda says:

    Hey Professor!
    I love your site!! I come here everyday.

    I have a quick question. In a 12team h2h 6×6 (obp/slg) redraft league, who has the most value ros, Hicks, Chisenhall, Althere? I need an OF and have a DL spot open. I want to pick one of them. Thanks in advance!

  2. bbboston says:


    I can’t help but wonder if Kahnle doesn’t creep into the NYY closer picture, by the beginning of next year or earlier. The three guys ahead of him either will be with another team or seem to be showing chinks in the armer. Thoughts?

  3. jmmh73 says:

    Thanks as always, this is so helpful!

    Who is your money on to be CHW closer in a week’s time?

    And how about NYM?

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