Prospect Detour: What To Expect From The Newly Recalled Rhys Hoskins?

Over on our Prospect Page this morning we posted our expectations for the now recalled Rhys Hoskins for the rest of the season.  Is he going to make an instant impact?  Is he going to be a non-factor?

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“His home rate has taken a small step back this year, averaging a HR once every 16.8 PA (as opposed to every 15.5 while at Double-A). A less hitter friendly home ballpark likely is a factor (he hit 25 of his 38 HR at home in ’16), but clearly he has the ability to hit it out anywhere. At the same time he may be more of a 25-28 HR hitter, even playing in Philadelphia, which will again play into the average”

Make sure to read the article in it’s entirety by clicking here.

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