Fantasy Fallout: Yelich & Cain Land In Milwaukee, Leaving Brinson The Clear Winner

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Obviously yesterday was a busy day for the Milwaukee Brewers, and we’re still waiting for the full fallout after they added Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain (either Domingo Santana or Ryan Braun are going to be turned into another asset, it’s a matter of who is going and what is the return).  Both newcomers receive a boost in their value based on the move just by looking at their home/road SLG from a year ago:

Christian Yelich.391.484
Lorenzo Cain.423.456

They were already sought out commodities, though Cain may get the bigger boost (he should see a bigger spike in power, hitting 12 of his 15 HR on the road).  The biggest winner, however?  That would be the Marlins’ new top prospect Lewis Brinson (click here for our updated Top 10 targets for Miami). 

Brinson, who appeared primed to open the year at Triple-A, will now have a good chance to break camp in the Majors and slot into the middle of the Miami lineup.  As we noted in our writeup on Brinson (who received an “A-“ grade), the biggest question facing him hasn’t been his intriguing mix of power and speed.  Instead it’s his strike zone command, though that took a significant step forward last season:

The biggest question facing Brinson as he’s developed is his ability to command the strike zone and make consistent contact.  That took a step forward at Triple-A in ’17, with an 18.2% strikeout rate and 9.4% walk rate over 340 PA.  Those marks came courtesy of a respectable 10.2% SwStr%, a significant improvement over his 13.6% from ’16.  Considering the level it speaks volumes, and while he did struggle in the Majors (17.4% SwStr%, 40.2% O-Swing%) it was a short sample and we need to afford him time to adjust.

Moving to Miami does hurt the power potential, at least this season.  He still possesses the upside of a 30/20 threat long-term, though it’s unlikely to come in 2018.  Instead go into the year thinking 20 HR/15 SB, to go along with a solid average (.265-.275).  Those are potential Rookie of the Year numbers (though he’ll have to battle Ronald Acuna for that title).

There’s no question that Brinson sees his potential outlook rise the most from yesterday’s flurry of activity and consider him a player well worth targeting as an OF4/5 in all formats.

Source – Fangraphs  

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  1. Chris says:

    Domingo the clear loser. At best he gets moved to a team that could use him (a few AL teams I can think of), or at worst he is a #4 bat who trades time with Braun since he can’t play a full season anymore.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      I would agree, though I’d be surprised if he wasn’t flipped for a pitcher and put back into a positive spot (ballpark dependent of course). Time will tell, but a secondary move should come soon (though there are now rumors of Braun moving to 1B to open up playing time for everyone)

  2. sid says:

    Brinson seemed overmatched last season at the big league level and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him struggle again this season esp if he is pushed into a big league role right out of spring. He def has the tools to be a solid player but he seems to be coming along at a bit slower pace than some may have expected.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      He has a history of struggling short-term before figuring it out. The development he had at Triple-A shows promise, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him figure it out quickly

  3. dude says:

    Does Brinson’s injury history concern you? He’s had trouble reaching 100 games his entire career. I’m in a keeper league and have to decide between him and B. Zimmer. Who would you go with?dude

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