Late Round Fliers: Second Basemen: Three Intriguing Names To Consider

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

We’ve already identified a few late round targets if you are trying to fill out your starting pitchers (click here to view) or outfield (click here to view).  What about if you find yourself looking for a second baseman (or one to use as a middle infielder)?  No longer a position short on talent, there are ample options available at the tail end of your draft.  Here’s a few names that you should be considering:


Devon Travis – Toronto Blue Jays (ADP – 395.0)
Health…  Health…  Health…  That’s always been the issue with Travis, as he continues to prove incapable of staying on the field.  In fact he’s surpassed 220 AB just once in the Majors over the past three seasons and even then he was limited to 410 AB.  That’s a significant red flag and the only reason he’s available this late in your draft.

Travis has shown ample power, with 64 doubles, 1 triple and 24 HR in 812 AB.  He couples that with an ability to hit the ball hard (21.5% line drive rate), make consistent contact (8.0% SwStr%) and when healthy steal some bases (16 at Double-A in 2014).

That all comes together for a .290/15/10 type player, at basically no charge.  Obviously he needs to stay on the field to reach those levels, but iwith no real expense he s worth rolling the dice on.


Derek Dietrich – Miami Marlins (ADP – 490.9)
As of now Dietrich is set to open the season as a starter in the outfield, though how long he sticks there remains to be seen.  That said, with a trade of Martin Prado or Starlin Castro possible at any time it’s easy to envision regular AB for the bulk of the season.

The left-handed swinger actually hit .307 against southpaws last season (though that hasn’t been the trend for his career).  Of course even if he’s limited to a platoon he’d be on the favorable side of the split.  Dietrich also continues to show a strong make-up at the plate:

  • SwStr% – 8.5%
  • O-Swing% – 29.9%

Couple that with a 22.8% line drive rate (21.8% for his career) and it’s easy to envision at least a solid average (.260ish) with the potential for more.  With 9 HR in 207 AB in the second half (14.8% HR/FB) he also showed 20+ HR potential.  Add that to a likely spot in the middle of the lineup and it’s easy to see the upside given the “cost”.

Note – Depending on your format Dietrich may not have 2B eligibility (he played 10 games there in 2017)


Brandon Drury – New York Yankees (ADP – 377.1)
We’ve talked about Drury a lot, including dubbing him a breakout candidate (click here to view).  That was prior to the trade to New York, which you can argue improves his outlook.

Of course that’s dependent on him playing every day, which isn’t a guarantee.  Miguel Andujar is working hard to claim the 3B job and sooner or later Gleyber Torres will be the 2B.  The upside remains overall, but keep in mind that he may be destined to operate as a utility player.

Sources – Fangraphs, Brooks Baseball

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  1. Michael says:

    How does Walker’s signing affect Drury? Does it help him since it most likely means Torres and Andujar start the year in the minors?

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