Fantasy Fallout: Looking At The Fallout From Carlos Gonzalez’ Return to Colorado (Dahl, McMahon & More)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

While there had been rumors flying around other free agents, the talk of a market for Carlos Gonzalez had been minimal throughout the offseason.  Ultimately he agreed to return to the Colorado Rockies, which complicates an already crowded mix of outfielders/first base options.  We know Charlie Blackmon is going to be in the lineup most days, leaving three spots available.  Let’s take a look at the options, including Gonzalez, and see where their outlook now falls:


Carlos Gonzalez
Gonzalez’ regression continued, as he hit .262 with 14 HR and 57 RBI over 470 AB in 2017.  He did add 34 doubles, so it’s possible to envision a rebound in his power, and that will in turn help his average (though a poor approach, with a 14.7% SwStr% and 34.2% O-Swing%, limit his upside).

At this stage of his career he may be better suited to be used in a platoon role, considering this split from ’17:

  • LHP – .206 with 2 HR
  • RHP – .283 with 12 HR

Think of him as a 400-450 AB player with injury concerns (the Rockies could look to rest him regularly to keep him healthy) and power that appears to be regressing (while a rebound is possible, it’s a hard sell).

Verdict – Limited impact and a better fit for those in daily formats


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Ian Desmond
It was a disappointing first season in Colorado…  Though that’s a bit of a mis-conception, as he did hit .274 with 15 SB over 373 PA.  The problem was in his power, with 7 HR, though he missed time early in the season due to a wrist injury that likely depleted his power.  A year removed from that it’s easy to envision him returning to the days of 20+ HR, especially playing half his games in Coors Field (he had 19+ each year from 2012-2016).  That’s a 20/20 player, and with a .267 career average there’s a lot to like with that upside.

Desmond could be deployed at a variety of positions, whether it’s 1B, SS or OF (he enters the year with eligibility at 1B and OF) only adding to the potential appeal and AB.  While you could argue that he still may not play every day, Desmond should be in the lineup at least 5 days a week and is a player worth targeting in all formats.

Verdict – Strong bounce back candidate


Ryan McMahon
You can argue that McMahon’s outlook is hurt by the return of Gonzalez, but that’s assuming it will push Desmond (or Gonzalez) to first base on a regular basis.  The team could just as easily use a regular outfield of Blackmon/Desmond/Gonzalez, with Gerardo Parra filling the role of fourth outfielder.  That would continue to leave McMahon as the starting first baseman, though he could also see time at second and third base if needed.

Regardless, barring struggles at the plate McMahon should still be viewed as a starting option for the team.  Here’s an excerpt of from our 2018 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide to help show the type of potential he has:

With 39 doubles and 4 triples it’s clear the power is blossoming (and playing in Coors Field will only help).  The average came courtesy of a .405 BABIP and his 17.7% strikeout rate should rise (11.6% SwStr%, though that was an improvement from a 14.9% mark at Double-A in ’16), but even as a .270 hitter there is going to be value.

Verdict – High upside depth option and still worth buying


Gerardo Parra
The left-handed hitter has long had better success against right-handed pitchers (career numbers):

  • LHP – .247/.302/.322
  • RHP – .286/.329/.433

It appears that he’s best suited as a platoon option, but given the alternatives is there an ideal spot for him to be used in that role?  He should be the first option off the bench and could still amass 400+ AB, but there could be weeks where he’s a complete non-factor.

Verdict – Waiver wire fodder


David Dahl
You can argue that Dahl has the highest upside of anyone in this group, but after getting 82 PA in the minors last season (and none in the Majors) due to a back injury does it make sense for the soon to be 24-year old to be a part-time player?  He needs regular at bats in order to rediscover his timing and the upside that once made him a top prospect, and there simply won’t be enough opportunities in the Majors given the current roster construction.  The best scenario is him playing every day at Triple-A to open the year, waiting for an injury or another player’s struggles to open up a starting job.

Verdict – High upside stash in deeper formats/Monitor closely in shallower formats

Source – Fangraphs

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