Late Round Fliers: Shortstops: Three Intriguing Names To Consider

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Shortstop is a position that seems to be getting deeper and deeper, with Manny Machado shifting back there full-time and a few more intriguing prospects on the horizon.  That said it’s still easy to find yourself short at the position, with some players potentially being used elsewhere (like Alex Bregman) or others facing questions (like Elvis Andrus and Trevor Story).  If you are searching for an option late in your draft who could you turn to?  Let’s take a look:


Ketel Marte – Arizona Diamondbacks
Current ADP (03/15/18) – 343.4

It was easy to overlook Marte a few weeks ago, given what appeared to be a crowded Arizona middle infield, but the deck has been cleared in recent weeks:

  • Brandon Drury was traded to the Yankees
  • Chris Owings is set to open the year in a super utility role

That leaves Marte to open the year as the starting shortstop and he has the potential to truly emerge.  We’ve long talked about upside and this could be the year that he realizes it.  He could emerge as a 15/15 player, as he combined to show the power last season (34 doubles, 9 triples, 11 HR between Triple-A and the Majors) and he’s shown 20+ SB ability before (he had 28 SB in ’15).

A .265 career hitter, it’s easy to see the potential for growth considering a 21.4% line drive rate and 7.7% SwStr%.  A shortstop who could go .280/15/15 is a valuable commodity, especially considering the cost is virtually nil.


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J.P. Crawford – Philadelphia Phillies
Current ADP (03/15/18) – 371.2

The Phillies cleared a spot for Crawford, and while he may have been a bit overhyped as a prospect that doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential.  The best way to show it is by looking at his writeup from our 2018 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide (click here to order):

“The trade of Freddy Galvis opens the door for Crawford to start every day, the question is if the once top prospect will be able to take advantage.  He hit .243 at Triple-A prior to a late season cup of coffee, though a lot of the struggles were based on luck.  He posted a reasonable 17.4% strikeout rate and 14.2% walk rate, and everyone will love to see his 5.3% SwStr%.  Throw in 15 HR (while adding 20 doubles and 6 triples) with the potential to add 10-12 SB and the upside is there to make an impact.  Even in his short time in the Majors he showed solid plate discipline (8.9% SwStr%, 25.5% O-Swing%), and while there could be some growing pains and he may not be elite in any category, he should be solid across the board.”

Think of him as a potential .265/10/10 player, with the upside for even more than that.


Asdrubal Cabrera – New York Mets
Current ADP (03/15/18) – 310.9

Not a sexy name, but Cabrera is going to be in the lineup, brings positional flexibility (2B, 3B and SS) and should continue to be a solid contributor.  He’s hit .280 in back-to-back seasons and has long proven to be capable of hitting 14-17 HR (he had 23 HR in ’16).  Maybe those numbers aren’t going to win you a title, but he offers valuable protection and is a viable option when needed.

Source – Fangraphs

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  1. Bbboston says:

    Any AL recommendations?

  2. Chris says:

    While Marte has playing time, I think the humidor is a real concern. That might keep him closer to a 10/15 player, which is why I don’t think his ADP is moving up much.

  3. Joel says:

    What should I do with polanco? Just hit with 80 Game sspd. Are his numbers real or part of doping? I had him in a dynasty league.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      It all depends on format/roster size really, I still believe the numbers and think he can make an impact in the second half.

  4. Tuco says:

    I need a Jorge Polanco replacement. I like the sound of Marte but would I be better of going with someone like Semien or Arcia in a roto keeper? I’m looking for upside at this point.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      I would go with both of those over Marte. I’ve always been a big Semien believer, but I’d go with Arcia there

  5. foolintherain says:

    RP: I also had to drop Polanco because I saw the news after my draft completed. May I ask where you’d rank Matt Duffy with the options you mention above? It’s also in a league that uses OBP instead of AVG.

  6. Carlito says:

    Professor…. Nneed help at MI… choices Baez Russel Story Rosario Castro Semien

    Who do you like?

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