Other Deadline Deals Reported

There were a few other trades made today (that have been announced so far) that are worth mentioning here:

  • According to John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer (click here for the post) the Reds have acquired Scott Rolen for Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke & Zach Stewart.  That seems like a lot for the Reds to have given up, but as far as Rolen and Encarnacion go, they basically just trade places.  Not sure either gets a huge boost in fantasy value either way.  Stewart has been lights out in the minor leagues this season, currently pitching out of the bullpen at Triple-A, but was very impressive at Single & Double-A as a starter earlier in the year.  He could be the big winner, though at this point we’ll have to see if he’s going to be used as a starter or reliever.
  • Fay is also reporting that the Reds have traded Jerry Hairtston Jr. to the Yankees in exchange for catcher Chase Weems.  No fantasy impact at all here.
  • The Florida Marlins have acquired Nick Johnson in exchange for Aaron Thompson, a Double-A pitcher, according to Fox Sports.  Johnson’s arrival likely means that Jorge Cantu shifts across the diamond to play 3B, meaning Emilio Bonifacio’s time as a starter is likely over.  He was a borderline option to begin with, so no real loss there.
  • Can you believe that Jake Peavy may have been traded to the White Sox again?  The details are still coming in, but unbelievable.
  • Chico Harlan of The Washington Post (click here for the post) is reporting that Joe Beimel has been traded to the Rockies for two minor leagues.  All this means is one less pitcher in the Washington closer’s mix. 


  1. Brian says:

    Walt Jocketty is retarded. That trade makes zero sense for the Reds.

  2. Rotoprofessor says:

    Brian, I agree with you. While they have improved their defense a bit, they paid a steep price to do so.

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