Bullpen Notes: May 25, 2018: Knebel Stumbles (But Should Be Safe), Change Coming For Toronto & More

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  1. Bennies Express says:

    Hey Prof,

    I lost Colome since he was traded, I did pick up Alvarado. So my horrible group of closers are Boxberger, Strickland and Jones. I also have Alvarado as I said and Winkler as hopeful save guys.

    So my question is this, I know Holland has been AWFUL but he was just dropped, is he beyond hope or do you think he is someone who can work his way back into the closer conversation? I can’t imagine he just lost his ability to pitch effectively. I’m assuming he can figure it out, but is he even worth it or is he too far from that point in your opinion?

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      He was put on the DL yesterday (no shock) and it’s just hard to imagine him getting back to saves any time soon. Could he get there in August? Maybe, but that’s too long of a play for a spot that’s already always turning over

  2. Joe Carola says:

    Do you like Nate Jones or Alvarado for saves going forward? Thanks.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      I really like Alvarado, but there’s no guarantee he gets the opportunities. Jones appears to be “the man” today, so I’d stick with him

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