Top 15 Second Baseman For 2010: Take Two

Second base is clearly a position that has one or two elite players, but that next tier of guys certainly is better than it once was.  Once thought of as a weak position, there are late round draft picks with the potential to be in the Top Five at year’s end.  Let’s take a look at how the rankings currently look:

  1. Chase Utley – Philadelphia Phillies
  2. Ian Kinsler – Texas Rangers
  3. Brandon Phillips – Cincinnati Reds
  4. Robinson Cano – New York Yankees
  5. Ben Zobrist – Tampa Bay Rays
  6. Dustin Pedroia – Boston Red Sox
  7. Aaron Hill – Toronto Blue Jays
  8. Brian Roberts – Baltimore Orioles
  9. Jose Lopez – Seattle Mariners
  10. Ian Stewart – Colorado Rockies
  11. Dan Uggla – Florida Marlins
  12. Howie Kendrick – Los Angeles Angels
  13. Clint Barmes – Colorado Rockies
  14. Rickie Weeks – Milwaukee Brewers
  15. Scott Sizemore – Detroit Tigers


  • Cano vs. Phillips is likely a debate that is going to rage on throughout the offseason. At this point, I am ranking Phillips first, thanks to a huge advantage in stolen bases (though Cano likely has the edge in runs, home runs and average). Still, Phillips is close enough in the other categories that the speed gives him an edge.
  • Brian Roberts’ speed has seemingly been diminishing each of the past few seasons. Considering that is where is value rests, he has to be downgraded heading into 2010.
  • I have to admit, I am a now a believer in Ben Zobrist. He’s going to come off the board after Dustin Pedroia in most formats, so don’t reach too high to grab him. Still, if he’s sitting there towards the end of the fifth round, I wouldn’t hesitate.
  • Jose Lopez is currently the big bat in the middle of a lineup led by Ichiro Suzuki and Chone Figgins. You have to like his potential for RBI, don’t you?
  • The difference between Ian Stewart and Dan Uggla? The speed potential that Stewart has. That’s the reason for Stewart being ranked ahead of him at this point.
  • Even with his move to Philadelphia, Placido Polanco falls off from our initial Top 15 rankings. While the runs scored should benefit from the move, he still has little upside in both power and speed.
  • I’ve talked about Scott Sizemore in the past (click here to view) and am extremely high on his upside potential.  With Polanco officially gone, he is now clearly the team’s second baseman for 2010 and with Curtis Granderson traded, has that much more of a chance to hit towards the top of the team’s lineup.  That just makes him seem all that more attractive, no?
What are your thoughts on the early rankings?  Who is too high?  Who is too low?  Who was omitted that shouldn’t have been?

Previous Early Rankings:

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  1. TY says:

    I dont think Brian Roberts is exactly trending down. Each yr I think the guy is getting old (because he is!) but he still puts up his line… he’s not a 50SB guy, thats the outlier, he is basically a 30-35SB guy, which he stole 30 last year, and he was caught 7 times which is right on average for him too. Not that I like him, but i think you can pencil him in for another 10HR/30SB .290 season.

    If Pedroia falls to about the 5th round I’d look at him. He might gain SS eligibility which would be nice.

    Ian Stewart might be the most intriguing on the list. He could easily come out with a Mark Reynolds ISH type season. 30/20 is very possible, he went 25/7 in 425 AB’s last year. Give him the PT and he cuts down the K’s a bit, ups the average, 35/15 is not outta reach, especially at COORS FIELD.

    And then there’s always the rickie weeks experiment, could pan out huge if he could ever stay healthy, just draft a back up!

  2. How much truth do you put to the rumor that the Giants are interested in Uggla? If he did go there, what would that do to his value?

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    There are a ton of rumors flying around at this point, so it’s tough to put much stock in an of them. While I do believe Uggla will be traded, the where part is still a mystery.

    As far as his value if he was dealt to San Francisco, it would probably stay about the same. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a tougher park for the long ball, but he’d be one of the main run producers, meaning more RBI opportunities. He’d remain in the #11 spot at this point, that’s for sure.

  4. Dave says:

    With Gordon Beckham supposedly moving to 2B, where would he be on this list? #10?

  5. Rotoprofessor says:

    Yea, probably right around there. It’s interesting to look at him vs. Stewart, but I think I’d probably have Beckham slated just a hair above him due to the average. It’s really close, though.

    That would be the best I ranked him, however, so it’s not like he should be considered a top option at the position.

  6. Giggity says:

    Sizemore at 15? He’s not particularly fast, doesn’t have much power, and plays in a makeshift lineup. He screams poor man’s Willie Bloomquist.

  7. Tim says:

    I’m not that high on Sizemore either, but I think he could be a solid bat in time. In 2010? Well, I guess we’ll see. My sleeper for 2010 would be Luis Valbuena, assuming he keeps the regular job out of spring training. He was getting most of the at bats at 2nd for Cleveland in the 2nd half last year and showed some god pop.

  8. Andrew says:

    Kinsler is a little too risky for me to be that high. I like Pedroia quite a bit more than 6th.

  9. rolf says:

    just when everyone stopped looking…rickie weeks finally breaks through into the top 5 on this list. second sackers have a hard hitting group that looks better than the shortstop crop, surprisingly enough. utley is overrated after playoff heroics and starts slipping to kinsler, hill, cano and pedroia (who’s a little overrated himself).

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