Top 15 Third Baseman for 2010: Take Two

Third base was once one of the deeper positions in baseball, but that no longer is the case.  There are a lot of question marks and risks, but not as many sure thing stars.  With that said, let’s take a look at how I’d rank things at this point for 2010:

  1. Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees
  2. Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
  3. David Wright – New York Mets
  4. Mark Reynolds – Arizona Diamondbacks
  5. Kevin Youkilis – Boston Red Sox
  6. Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals
  7. Pablo Sandoval – San Francisco Giants
  8. Aramis Ramirez – Chicago Cubs
  9. Chone Figgins – Seattle Mariners
  10. Gordon Beckham – Chicago White Sox
  11. Ian Stewart – Colorado Rockies
  12. Michael Young – Texas Rangers
  13. Jhonny Peralta – Cleveland Indians
  14. Jorge Cantu – Florida Marlins
  15. Kevin Kouzmanoff – San Diego Padres


  • David Wright vs. Mark Reynolds is an interesting debate, isn’t it?  Will Wright rebound from his 2009 disaster?  Will Reynolds be able to maintain the numbers he posted in 2009?  While Reynolds will likely have more home runs, I believe Wright will beat him out in stolen bases and significantly in the average department.  That gives him a slight edge, though we will take a closer look in the near future.
  • Youkilis, Zimmerman and Sandoval are all basically on the same level in my opinion.  That means you can basically flip a coin in deciding which you’d prefer.  For now I’ve got them in this order, with Youkilis’ supporting cast giving him an edge, but what about you?  Which of the three would you rather have?
  • Want speed from the position?  Is there anyone better than Figgins, who now posts a tremendous 1-2 punch at the top of the Mariners order with Ichiro?
  • At his age and with his injury history, does anyone really trust drafting Jones as a starting player?  I just can’t do it.
  • We’ve discussed Kouzmanoff already, someone who is a tremendous sleeper late in your draft (click here to read).  While he’s not a great option to select as a starter, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to grab him as backup (especially if you miss out on the first nine guys) or maybe as a corner infielder.
What are your thoughts on the early rankings?  Who is too high?  Who is too low?  Who was omitted that shouldn’t have been?

Previous Early Rankings:

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  1. Miles says:

    Jhonny Peralta #13? You must be expecting a comeback season from him.

  2. TY says:

    I’ve got Youk, Zimmerman and Pablo right in that order.

    I’m hoping Longo or Wright fall to me at the 12 spot in my draft, but I am not sure how some of these guys are gonna go. If I miss on both of them, I’m hoping Prince Fielder is there and then I’m taking the next best available, Justin Upton, Grady, TULO? (i know i might be crazy, but i love TULO) and then taking YOUK OR ZIMM in the 3rd round.

    I want both of them quite a bit more than i want Pablo.

  3. turk99 says:

    I also like Youk being rated for 3rd and 1st, which in my mind gives him a bigger edge over Pablo (I’d like to see one more year of stats from him before I form a full opinion)

  4. Tim says:

    I don’t like Wright that high…I think there are very compelling reasons to believe that Wright’s power production in 2009 was not just a blip on the radar…and that there is some indications that he may not hit as high for average going forward unless he makes some changes. His contact rate was down significantly in 2009, and the Mets new ballpark may be affecting Wright more than other Mets hitters because of the nature of his long balls. I wrote a piece on this in June of 2009 (, and another last month ( on my own site. Check it out if you are interested. But other than that, i think this is a solid list…I like Ryan Zimmerman a little more, and I think Reynolds may come down to earth a bit (and in my leagues K’s count against us), but overall, not much to quibble with.

  5. TY says:

    but tim do you really think Wright is JUST a 10HR hitter now? you gotta say that he could at least get to 20 homers again? I dont think someone like David Wright just coming into his prime after having multiple SOLID/ELITE seasons is just going to fall to normalcy (sp?). he’ll bounce back… to 30HRs? I DOUBT IT, but I could see 20 easy.

  6. TheMightyPeace says:

    Ryan Zimmerman hit 33 homeruns at the age of 24 and Youkilis hit 27 home runs at the age of 30.

    Zimmerman is known as a pure hitter, whereas Sandoval is an absolute free swinger.

    How is Zimmerman even considered in the same stratosphere of these two going into 2010? This dude will be a top 4 third baseman for years to come.

  7. TY says:

    TMP- i am beginning to like zimmerman much much more the more i’ve read and researched.

    I guess before when i’m looking at Youk and Zimmerman i’m looking at the nationals and the RED SOX. And that was kind of my determining factor.

    I have been swayed back and forth and Zimmerman is def’ly jumping ahead of YOUK on my list now.

  8. I think the comparison between Youkilis and Zimmerman is an interesting one to debate. The two are extremely close heading into 2010 (if it’s a long-term keeper league, it’s a no-brainer).

    This seems like the perfect pair for the next player match-up. I will tell you on my early projections the difference between the two is 1 HR, 10 RBI and a little bit in the average department.

    More or less, it’s a toss up.

  9. rolf says:

    healthy, the monkey off his back, controversy in the rear view mirror and a world series ring on his finger….look for a monster year from A-Rod.

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