Top 15 Shortstops for 2010: Take Two

Shortstop is one of the more interesting positions to look at, with some solid players at the position who unfortunately don’t bring much to the table in the counting stats (i.e. HR, RBI).  Do you go with a steady option like that or someone who has the potential to make big contributions in one category?  Let’s take a look at what the rankings say:

  1. Hanley Ramirez – Florida Marlins
  2. Troy Tulowitzki – Colorado Rockies
  3. Jose Reyes – New York Mets
  4. Jimmy Rollins – Philadelphia Phillies
  5. Derek Jeter – New York Yankees
  6. Alexei Ramirez – Chicago White Sox
  7. Stephen Drew – Arizona Diamondbacks
  8. Elvis Andrus – Texas Rangers
  9. Jhonny Peralta – Cleveland Indians
  10. Jason Bartlett – Tampa Bay Rays
  11. Miguel Tejada – Houston Astros
  12. Everth Cabrera  – San Diego Padres
  13. Alcides Escobar – Milwaukee Brewers
  14. J.J. Hardy – Minnesota Twins
  15. Yunel Escobar – Atlanta Braves


  • If Tulowitzki was simply a power option, it would be interesting to see how he fared in the rankings versus Reyes and Rollins.  However, he showed speed last season (20 SB) and even if he falls into the 12-15 range, adding those to his power puts him over the top.
  • I’ve recently discussed the Reyes vs. Rollins debate, so click here to view.
  • I’ve already posted predictions for Elvis Andrus (click here to view), Everth Cabrera (click here to view) and Alcides Escobar (click here to view), so check those out to see why they are ranked where they are.
  • After his disastrous 2009 campaign, I know it seems a bit weird to still see Jhonny Peralta in the Top 10.  I’m going to discuss why he’s a good sleeper in the near future, but after three 20+ home run seasons in four years, I can’t just write him off.
  • What it really comes down to when it comes to Yunel Escobar and other shortstops versus names like Peralta, Hardy and Alcides Escobar is the potential to make a major impact in a category.  While Yunel Escobar is a solid option, does he really bring any upside anywhere? 
  • There was a time where Rafael Furcal was considered one of the top shortstops in the league, but at this point what does he bring to the table?  Little speed and no power means he doesn’t have much value.  Consider him a late round flyer and nothing more.
  • Marco Scutaro is someone we’ve discussed before, but again, don’t overvalue him because he’s on the Red Sox.  There just isn’t much upside there.
  • In 2009 Jason Bartlett emerged as one of the better shortstops in the league, with 14 HR and 30 SB.  Does anyone really believe either number?  He’s never shown that type of power or speed before, so look for a regression there.  He could easily be less valuable than both Cabrera and Alcides Escobar, so keep that in mind.
What are your thoughts on the early rankings?  Who is too high?  Who is too low?  Who was omitted that shouldn’t have been?

Previous Early Rankings:

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  1. TY says:

    LOVE TULO- obviously Hanley is #1 overall for SS’s if not all players, but I rank TULO as the second best SS as well. I post alot on the CAFE and I made one post debating taking TULO at #13 overall. I draft 12th since I won my 12 team H2H league. I am looking to take a big 1B bat like Howard or Fielder and i was debating taking a guy like TULO on the turn. His ADP shows he’s going around 15-18 in drafts, so i KNOW he’s not coming back to me, is it that big of a reach if i’m passing on say justin upton, grady sizemore, or possibly david wright at that spot?

    Justin Upton is a favorite of mine, i think he’ll go 30/30, but is a 30/30 upton in the OF as good as a 30/15 TULO at SS? Thats where I dont know how to make the call.

    My main issue with the SS position is I know i’m not getting Hanley, i know TULO wont come back, i hate jeter, personally i dont wanna gamble on reyes, and rollins isn’t my type of player either… so there ya go, i dont like any of my other options!

  2. Rotoprofessor says:

    Ty, personally, I wouldn’t take Tulo at #13 overall, I’d rather take someone like Kinsler at that spot, but it isn’t a stretch by any means. If he’s a player that you absolutely want, don’t be afraid to reach a few picks to ensure you get him. Like you said, he’s not going to be there next time around, so don’t hesitate!

  3. E K says:

    Not sure exactly why, but I really like Escobar. To me his only downside is that Bobby Cox seems to dislike his attitude. And that could cause a big playing time issue. I think this kid has nothing but UPSIDE ahead of him. His walk to strike out ration is exceptional and he has power. I think he may need to be traded out of Atlanta before he really takes off though. But if I needed a shortstop, I’d figure out when he might be taken and wait to draft him in that round. I’d rank him behind Jeter and easily ahead of everyone else on your list.

  4. TY says:

    Rotoprof- here’s the other kicker, its a total redraft, we’ve been playing for 8-9 years together, revising our KEEPER SYSTEM, we’re gonna get to sign two guys to 3 year contracts…. So taking TULO there is kinda solidifying him as my keeper, now sure I could have someone emerge as a better keeper, but ideally i’d want to be taking two guys back to back i’m planning on keeping and are KEEPER WORTHY….

    I really can see taking TULO at that point. Most people say the same thing as you, they couldn’t do it, but if you take him at 13 and say he performs top 25 even for the year you basically get your moneys worth since he’s a SS I believe.

  5. Miles says:

    Rotoprofessor – I’m in two 10 team keeper league with 25 active players on each roster (you start 2 at each INF position, 5 OF, and 10 Pitchers – owners usually start 7 SP and 3 RP, though optional).

    I’m encouraged by your rankings of Drew and Andrus. I also have A Cabrera (SS eligible only)on the same team. What do you expect from him?

    I’m anxiously awaiting your Peralta analysis as I also have him (3B eligible only). Keep up the good work!

  6. Matt says:

    It’s funny how people flat out ignore Tulo’s 2008 season and see what he did in 2009 as what he’s expected to do. If anything 2009 was a fluke and 2007 was more of what he’s about. I’d never put Tulo over Reyes. Reyes can hit 10-15 home runs and steal 60+ bases year in and year out. He is more consistent when healthy than Tulo is as well.

    It’s like trying to see people justify ARod hitting 40 home runs again even though his home runs and slg have been in decline since 2007.

  7. winthorp says:

    Aybar needs to be in there -at 6th, Whose suppose to be the base stealer – leadoff hitter now that Figgins is gone. Aybar has excellent contact, on-base, speed-base stealing skills and will be at the top of a highly regarded, running team’s lineup. Expect 40 sb, ton of runs, decent power, lor of trips, excellent ba.

  8. TY says:

    RE: MATT

    Are you crazy? For one TULO had a great year last year, maybe his career year, should you expect him to repeat a 30/20 season? Probably not. Should you look at his ROOKIE SEASON 2007 and say “2007 is more of what he’s expected to do”. WHAT?

    That might be the dumbest post I’ve read in a while. I really wish people would do 15 seconds of research before they make a post and sound like a moron.

    How can you say 2007 and 2008 are what TULO IS ABOUT? 2007 was his rookie season, 2008 he was hurt and only had 377! AB’s! Which weren’t hamstring, arm, etc injuries, he flipped his bat (like a moron) and hurt his hand.

    He was 22 years old in 2007. I forgot major leaguers PEAK at 27.

    The power is for real 30 HR’s is for real, he might only steal 10 bases, but 30/10 and a .290 average is pretty nice from a SS. And he’s only 25 going into 2010, far from peaking!

    My main point is would I take a healthy reyes over a healthy TULO? YES. Would i spend my second round draft pick on a REYES who had a major hamstring injury the year before and only managed 147 AB’s during that year? NO. You could LOSE YOUR LEAGUE right then and there… Ever heard the phrase “you can’t win your league in the first two rounds but you sure can lose it”…. you just chanced it big time by taking Reyes. It might pay off and might be the best pick of the draft and in 2011 he’s back to a first rounder, or he might pull a hammy in the first month and you’re screwed.

    And i could justify arod hitting 40 HRS again as well. Horrible analogy. Have you seen the little league field they call yankee stadium now? he hit 30 last year in 444 ab’s!? 40 is easily attainable if he stays healthy for a full year.

    Please rebuttle.

  9. Peter D. says:

    Here’s the correct ranking:

    1. Hanley Ramirez
    2. Troy Tulowitzki
    3. Derek Jeter
    4. Jimmy Rollins
    5. Jose Reyes – Until he proves he’s healthy and will run, he gets knocked down.
    6. Jason Bartlett
    7. Yunel Escobar – Derek Jeter in Sheeps clothing
    8. Eric Aybar
    9. Alexei Ramirez
    10. Miguel Tejada
    11. Elvis Andrus – give him time
    12. Stephen Drew
    13. J.J. Hardy
    14. Jhonny Peralta
    15. Marco Scutaro
    16. Asdrubal Cabrera
    17. Everth Cabrera
    18. Alcides Escobar – I know he’s the hot prospect and all, but his bat isn’t that great

  10. Peter, I obviously disagree with a few of your rankings. While I could understand pushing Jeter up, I just don’t believe he’s the 3rd best offensive shortstop in the game. I can’t take him before Reyes or Rollins.

    Bartlett had an inflated 2009 season and if he repeats it, then I can see pushing him up the rankings. Until then, there are too many question marks and too much risk (not that some of the other names don’t have risk). He’s not a rookie who burst onto the scene, he’s been around the block, so I just need to see more before I buy into him.

    Escobar as Jeter? I don’t see it. Escobar doesn’t bring exceptional power or speed? Is he a solid player? Yes, but I want someone who is going to bring something to the table and help me in at least one category. I don’t see Escobar doing that.

  11. rolf says:

    ok- top 3 are a cut above. of the rest, the ss to gamble on is jj hardy. he’s a strong comeback candidate and should thrive in the twin cities. look for him to vault over the rest to the six.

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