Looking At The Results From My First Mock Draft For 2010

I had the time to complete my first full mock draft of the season over the weekend, so let’s take a look at how things turned out: 

C – Miguel Montero (R11)
C – Ryan Doumit (R15)
1B – Ryan Howard (R1)
2B – Ben Zobrist (R5)
SS – Alexei Ramirez (R9)
3B – Chone Figgins (R7)
CI – Prince Fielder (R2)
MI – Everth Cabrera (R19)
OF – Carlos Beltran (R6)
OF – Hunter Pence (R8)
OF – Cory Hart (R13)
OF – Ryan Ludwick (R14)
OF – Franklin Gutierrez (R21)
U – Kyle Blanks (R22)

P – Felix Hernandez (R3)
P – Johan Santana (R4)
P – Yovani Gallardo (R10)
P – Rich Harden (R17)
P – Aaron Harang (R20)
P – Stephen Strasburg (R23)
P – Brian Wilson (R12)
P – Frank Francisco (R16)
P – Mike Gonzalez (R18)


  • Picking in the 11th slot, I just couldn’t resist taking both Howard and Fielder when they were still on the board (the picks in between were Troy Tulowitzki & Jacoby Ellsbury).  I considered taking Lincecum with one of the picks, but the allure of setting my team up in the power department was too much to pass on.  Would you have done this or would you have looked elsewhere?
  • I also had second thoughts on taking back-to-back starting pitchers on my next turn, as it did leave me hurting in other spots.  Still, having the 1-2 punch of Hernandez and Santana gives me a strong top of the staff, though there is some risk involved in the latter.  Next time around I probably would not repeat this strategy, instead maybe taking McCann in this spot (though Montero and Doumit is a strong pair of catchers).
  • Carlos Beltran in the sixth round?  Really?  You can sign me up for that selection every single time.
  • Franklin Gutierrez in the 21st round?  I will be the first to say that I’m not his biggest supporter, but he did have 18 HR and 16 SB last season.  I’ll get into projections in the near future, but as a last outfielder I’d take him every time.
  • I took some risk in the starting pitcher department, but boy does my staff have the potential to rack up the strikeouts.  If Harden and Harang can stay healthy, they are steals where I got them.  As for Strasburg, I was ready to take Mat Latos in that spot, but he went the pick right before me.  I just nabbed Strasburg and figure that I would draft numerous starting pitchers for my bench to protect myself from all the risk there.
  • The same thing could be said for Kyle Blanks, who certainly is a risk, but has the potential to be a vital part of the middle of the Padres lineup.

What are your thoughts?  What were my best picks?  What were my worst?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I think your OF is weak, but all-in-all a very solid draft. There is a ton of upside in that pitching staff – and you seemed to cover every single fantasy category. It looks like a well-rounded team and a success considering it was the first “draft” of the year.

  2. TY says:

    I dont mind the back to back Howard/Fielder combo. I draft 12th this spring in my draft and if they BOTH fall to me I’ve already contemplated that same combo.

    I would not have taken Johan in the 4th as you already noted you probably wouldn’t do again either. He’s just too risky for me and there’s too many offensive options at that point i’d go with over JOHAN in a second.

    Your OF is a bit scary. Beltran was a good value just the chance of him getting hurt is scary. Ludwick, Hart, Fragu, and Pence… NO guarantees there.

    I like your staff alot. Mainly I woulda swapped the JOHAN pick for another stick (hopefully ZIM or YOUK, were they available?) Then in the 7th round when you took figgins you coulda took another pitcher, say beckett or ?

    Good draft, interesting power heavy to start strategy.

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    I agree with both Jimmy & Ty that the outfield is risky. Just the way things fell. If I was drafting a bench, along with pitchers, I would have added another outfielder or two to help give me more potential there. Also, of any position, I feel like it’s a little easier to find an outfielder on the waiver wire.

    As for Johan, if Youkilis or Zimmerman had been on the board I likely would’ve taken them over him. Youkilis went in the 2nd Round and Zimmerman went the pick before I took Johan. The players who went immediately following Johan who I would’ve considered were McCann and Brandon Phillips.

  4. TY says:

    wow- YOUK second round thats ridiculous… are people viewing 3B as that slim b/c i know they’re not viewing YOUK as that valuable!?

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