Looking At The Results Of My Second Mock Draft

This past weekend I completed my second mock draft in preparation for the 2010 season.  This time I picked seventh, which had a surprising outcome.  Seeing Prince Fielder go before Mark Teixeira certainly gave the draft a good feel right from the start.

Let’s take a look at how my entire roster looks:

C – Miguel Montero (R13)
C – Ryan Doumit (R14)
1B – Mark Teixeira (R1)
2B – Ben Zobrist (R5)
SS – Everth Cabrera (R19)
3B – Ryan Zimmerman (R4)
CI – Jake Fox (R20)
MI – Jhonny Peralta (R18)
OF – Jacoby Ellsbury (R2)
OF – Carlos Beltran (R6)
OF – Jay Bruce (R10)
OF – Nolan Reimold (R17)
OF – Travis Snider (R22)
U – David Ortiz (R15) 

P – Roy Halladay (R3)
P – Yovani Gallardo (R8)
P – James Shields (R9)
P – Clayton Kershaw (R11)
P – Matt Latos (R21)
P – Brian Matusz (R23)
P – Mariano Rivera (R7)
P – Brian Wilson (R12)
P – Frank Francisco (R16)


  • I did not intend to draft Shields as my third starting pitcher, but problems with my computer forced me to rush and pick the first player I liked that I saw.  In retrospect I probably would’ve taken Kershaw in that spot, so there really was no harm done.
  • I’m going to talk about him in detail in the near future, but I love Jake Fox as a low-risk source of power.  He was eligible at both 3B and OF, so where I used him was determined by the way the rest of the draft played out.
  • Latos and Matusz are both high-risk, high-reward type pitchers who could provide a lot of strikeouts considering where they were drafted.  Obviously, if I were drafting a bench, I’d augment them with some depth, in case either or both failed.
  • I know some would not like the pick of Rivera in the seventh round, but I just couldn’t pass it up.  The picks following him were Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Nelson Cruz, Joe Nathan & Raul Ibanez.  The starting pitchers were the only ones I’d have considered over him, but I really can’t complain with Gallardo a few picks later and my staff as a whole.
  • It continues to amaze me that Carlos Beltran is consistently available in the sixth round.  If he’s going to be there, I’m going to draft him, no questions asked.
  • I think my weakest position is probably SS, though I don’t mind ending up with the two guys I got.  I’ve discussed both of them recently and have high hopes for each of them.

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  1. Russ says:

    I hope you have thick skin, because I have virtually nothing but criticisms for your draft (part of the fun is defending your picks anyway, right?).

    First, actually, two compliments: Beltran is a great pick in Round 6. Too many people are jumping ship. Even at 100/20/100/20 (which I think is a conservative estimate) he’s a steal in Round 3; so nabbing him 3 rounds later is awesome. Ortiz in Round 15 for the Util spot seems the perfect risk.

    Now, the criticisms (I’ll work top-to-bottom on your list):

    1–if you’re not going to get one of the top notch catchers, why waste your 13th and 14th picks on mediocrity? You could have used your 21st and 22nd picks on catcher and not done appreciably worse.

    2–Zobrist in Round 5 is too early. He had an insanely good first half last year. If you double his second half output he’s a middle of the pack second baseman. His position eligibility is nice, but doesn’t boost his value to round 5.

    3–Jay Bruce in round 8 is nuts. If you’re willing to risk the low average I don’t see why you don’t go with Ryan Howard in round 1 and take the guaranteed 100 runs, 45 homers and 140 rbis and spend this pick on a thinner position.

    4–Reimold/Snider–I know they’re getting a lot of pre-season love (Bill James is seriously in love with Reimold) but to fill two OF spots with unproven commodities who are likely to bat low in their respective batting orders seems too risky.

    5–Rivera instead Wainwright? Way too risky. You could have taken Wainwright and picked up a different reliever in the 8th round (which is still way too early). Gallardo’s a serious injury threat for that early a pick; and his high K total will be offset by his high WHIP. Halladay/Wainwright as your 1/2 would have been ridiculous.

    6–generally speaking, I don’t see enough power, and there’s a lot of rookies/risky players. Seems to me you drafted a classic feast or famine team, even after your safe first pick of Teixeira.

  2. Not sure how you consider Rivera risky. The pitching staff is loaded.

    Solid lineup as well.

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    I’m short on time at the moment, so let me address the Zobrist pick now and the other items later on.

    After Zobrist the next 2B off the board were Dan Uggla, Jose Lopez & Ian Stewart, so, in my opinion at the time, it was get Zobrist there are a player of lesser ability a few rounds later. There were no other “top tier” guys on the board, at least based on my draft board.

    As for the players who went between my Zobrist and Beltran picks:

    Carlos Lee, Kendry Morales, Aramis Ramirez, Manny Ramirez, Michael Bourn, Jonathan Papelbon, B.J. Upton, Billy Butler, Jon Lester & Curtis Granderson

    I love Butler, but I’m not taking him that early. I also like Lester, but again, I’m not sure I’d have pulled the trigger there (but maybe). The only player I would’ve considered over Zobrist was Morales, but with Teixeira already on my team, felt like I could bypass him there and get the 2B that I knew I wanted.

  4. Rotoprofessor says:

    OK, I have a few more minutes, so let’s visit some of the other questions. I have to say, though, before I get started, that I love the debate and it is why I posted my results (and will continue to do so as the offseason progresses).

    As for the catchers, I don’t view Montero & Doumit as mediocre. In my last set of rankings I have them at #4 and 8, respectively. The next catchers off the board were Mike Napoli (R15), A.J. Pierzynski (R16) & Yadier Molina (R19). I’ll talk about my strategy in drafting catchers in an article in the future, but I am a believer in getting some of the better options, instead of waiting until the end, especially in a two catcher format. Yes, I could take a gamble on Buster Posey in the end (something that may make sense), but I would consider my catchers better than names like Carlos Ruiz, Jason Varitek and Dioner Navarro, who went in the last round.

    As for Bruce, I would agree that R8 is nuts, but I typo’ed his draft spot. I actually got him in the 10th round (Gallardo was my 8th round selection). Sorry about the confusion, but does that make it better in your eyes?

    I’m not as high on Reimold and Snider as some, but I needed some high upside guys to close out my draft. Like I said with my pitchers, if I was drafting reserves, I’d bring some solid backups to protect myself. You have to be willing to take some risks, especially in a deep draft, so these (along with Fox) were the ones I took.

  5. ClayHenry says:

    This is entertaining… despite the differences in the ADPs from 2009 and 2010 and the unpredictability of players’ production from year-to-year, we still feel the need to make nit-picky criticisms and pigeon hole players into their ADPs.

    First of all, I would never criticize someone for drafting Riviera over Wainwright. It seems that Russ thinks that Wainwright is predisposed to having a great season. I love Wainwright and he is a keeper in my fantasy league, but he could just as easily take a step back next year especially considering the number of innings he pitched in 2009… just ask Tom Verducci.

    Secondly, what is really the difference between Jay Bruce drafted in the 8th round vs. the 10th round?? Once again, you may love him and he may hit 40 HR and he would be a great value at either position or he continues to struggle with BA and/or we’ll come to find out that his wrist still isn’t 100% and his power takes a hit and he is a bust at their position.

    Some of my basic observations:
    1. I could see BA being an issue with this crop of hitters… not many true “plus” BA guys and several potential BA liabilities.
    2. Beltran… outstanding grab at Round 5.
    3. E Cabrera, Reimold, and Peralta… very good late round values.
    4. I love the pitching staff… especially Kershaw who could greatly outperform the draft position if he can get his control under wraps. 200+ and possible 15+ wins with a 3 ERA or so is very realistic.
    5. Unfortunately, I would need to see more from Zobrist to buy into him. He would not be on any of my teams based on where he is typically drafted.
    6. Latos and Matusz are great end game picks and back of the rotation guys.

    That it all.

  6. Jimmy says:

    The pitching is obviously your team’s biggest asset. I think the majority of your hitters could be deemed as “mostly risky.” Montero has had one good year, Doumit is always hurt, but there’s hope that they could complement each other if one of them goes down. Zobrist is great at 2b but really has only had one great season. Everth Cabrera is a great late round value, who will help in steals, but really nothing else. Plus, your banking on Jake Fox, a career minor leaguer, to fill CI and a comeback year in the HR/AVG department for Johnny Peralta. You’re also hoping Ortiz produces, without a batter of Bay’s stature around him. Add in the fact that Beltran/Bruce are both coming off injury-riddled seasons – and Bruce hasn’t exactly fulfilled his promise (which may be stunted because of the injury) and I’d say you took a lot of risks in this draft – even if the upside is there.

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