Rate the Deal: Beltran, Scherzer, Jimenez & More

I want to try and get this feature going once again,  so if you have any trades that you want to see discussed here just send an e-mail to eric.stashin@gmail.com.

Dan sent in the following two trades he made in his keeper league:

Trade 1: I gave up Max Scherzer, Carlos Beltran and Dan Uggla and got Brandon Phillips, Andre Ethier and Ubaldo Jimenez

Trade 2: I gave up Colby Rasmus, Derek Lowe and a 4th round draft pick (last round in the rookie draft) and got Kendry Morales and Nolan Reimold

Let me look at these trades one at a time, with the second one first.  This is an absolute steal in my book.  While Rasmus has a ton of potential with power, the average is a big concern.  He’s a flyball hitter, and that’s just not conducive to a strong BABIP.  Reimold, on the other hand, has similar power with the prospect of putting up a better average.  They really are close, so it’s a push on that part of the deal.

That leaves us as Derek Lowe & a fourth round pick for Kendry Morales.  Let’s just think about that for a moment…

Morales was the tenth best first baseman on our most recent rankings, but that’s simply because it’s a deep position.  You are getting 30 home run potential with a chance to hit right around .300 for a pitcher who could very likely pitch to a 4.00 ERA?  This is a no-brainer in my book and the deal in total is a win.

The second trade is a lot closer, but again, I think Dan did a great job here.  Beltran is the best piece that he gave up, but even he has questions surrounding him (though I’m not buying them).  Scherzer, now in the AL, still has upside but the chances are his ERA is not going to be what it could have been.  We aren’t even sure where Uggla is going to play, but we do know that he’s going to hurt you in average.

Phillips is a Top 5 second baseman, easy, with power and speed.  That makes up for the lost stolen bases from dealing off Beltran.  I like Ethier, though he is a definite downgrade over Beltran.  He broke out last season, but I easily could see him taking a step backwards in 2010.

The real win is in getting Jimenez, who has managed to convert me into a believer.  The more research I do in order to fine tune my projections, the more I believe that he has the potential to emerge as a fantasy ace in 2010.  He’s a groundball machine who may have found his control and has an increased strikeout rate.  Get used to hearing that from me, it’s probably going to be repeated quite often.

Getting him in the deal makes this deal a big-time win for Dan.

What are your thoughts?  Did Dan do well with these trades or should he not have pulled the trigger?  What’s your favorite part of the deals?

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