Rate the Deal: Gallardo, Crawford, A-Rod & More

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Andrew sent in the following:

After contending for the crown for a few years, my team slipped in 2009 and I finished 7th of 14 teams, and out of the playoffs. This inspired the following trades:

Trade #1: Rick Porcello and Bud Norris for Yovani Gallardo and Rafael Soriano.
(Note: Gallardo makes about $20 while Porcello makes $4, and the other team had salary cap problems.)

Trade #2: Carl Crawford, Luke Gregerson and Kevin Jepsen for Alex Rodriguez and Brett Anderson.
(Salaries were largely a wash. Our league counts holds, so LG and KJ had decent value in 2009.)

Trade #3: Kevin Slowey for Hunter Pence.
(Slowey was $4, Pence $8.)

Let’s break this down one trade at a time:

Trade #1: This is a home run, plain and simple.  Yes, Porcello has a ton of upside, but he’s not likely to be close to Gallardo in 2010.  Gallardo has the potential to be a fantasy gem for years to come, which doesn’t even mention the fact that Andrew also added a potential closer in Soriano in this trade as well.

You can make the argument that the salary discrepancy offsets things, but I don’t really buy that.  If the two were close, than maybe, but Gallardo is already a Top 12 option in my book. 

Trade 2: Brett Anderson is a big “throw in” here, as Jimmy has recently discussed (you can view his thoughts by clicking here).  While I may not be as high on him, there’s no questioning that he is a perfect replacement for Porcello, who had been sent away in trade one.  Yea, he had to part with two potential sources of holds, but we all know that relievers are fickle.  Just because they were good in 2009 doesn’t mean that they will be able to repeat that success.  Trading them high is a good thing.

As far as swapping Crawford for Rodriguez, with salaries being close to a wash, that’s a no-brainer.  While Crawford is a great player, I’ve already said that I thought Rodriguez is deserving of the third overall pick (and, even in a keeper league, is Top 5).  This is another steal.

Trade 3: This is the only one that I could find some fault in, but it’s really a preference type of deal, though Slowey’s injury concerns certainly skew things a bit in Andrew’s favor.  Pence is a solid player, especially at $8, so I really can’t find fault with the deal.

Conclusion: Andrew did a tremendous job in upgrading his team across the board.  While giving up Porcello for a more expensive Gallardo may have been tough, getting Brett Anderson to replace him was a home run.  Gallardo is a potential ace and Rodriguez is a Top 5 player.  There really just isn’t much to like.

What are your thoughts?  Did Andrew win across the board or is there something there that you don’t like?

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  1. BCM says:

    Why would anyone trade for slowey at this part of this season? wasn’t he already out for the year?

  2. I think he’ll be back in the hunt after those series of moves.

  3. Ian says:

    You should send him something for his B-day after ripping him off in that first trade.

    Great deals.

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