Rate the Deal: Montero & Gutierrez for Tulowitzki

So, I made a trade in my keeper league today and wanted to see what everyone else here thought.  It’s a 13-team, 5×5 league that requires two catchers.  The salaries listed are for 2010 (none of the players are eligible to be kept at their current prices beyond that).

I traded Miguel Montero ($2) & Franklin Gutierrez ($2) for Troy Tulowitzki ($14)

Keep in mind, that it is seven keepers and I did already own Elvis Andrus ($2) and Everth Cabrera ($2), but felt that Tulowitzki was just so much better then those options.

So, what do you think?  Would you have made the deal?  Why or why not?

(I’ll give my full thinking after I hear what you have to say)


  1. Michael Keneski says:

    I would not have done this at all. Gutierrez is just OK and Montero is still anything but a finished product. Tulotiwzki is a star on the rise and if he has still room to improve off of that incredible year last season. Bad trade for you.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I believe he received Tulo in the deal here.

  3. Rotoprofessor says:

    Jimmy is correct. I received Tulowitzki in this deal.

  4. You got the best player in the deal. I love Montero, but this is a home run.

  5. Darin says:

    I love Gutierrez this year, I think he’s going to be a 20/20 guy. And Montero is a top 5 catcher. Both of those guys at $2 and already have Andrus/Cabrera at SS? I know I’ll be in the minority but I wouldn’t have traded those two for Tulo.

  6. Rotoprofessor says:

    Darin, while you may be in the minority, I don’t necessarily think you’re wrong and is the reason why I went back-and-forth for a while before I actually pulled the trigger.

    Luckily, with a middle infielder spot, I will also be able to keep Andrus without an issue.

    As for Gutierrez, I have him right around 20/20, but at the same time I just couldn’t let that stop me from getting a player who is a Top 20 option at a price at half his value. Who can we best compare Tulo to? Maybe someone like David Wright? He went for $47 in ’09 in my league. Want other top SS? Reyes also went for $47 and Rollins went for $39.

  7. E-Z says:

    I assume this also allows you to keep another guy, so there is additional value too. Who is the additional keeper and at what $?

  8. Rotoprofessor says:

    It does allow me to keep an additional player, though I haven’t finalized who that will be yet. I’m shopping Everth Cabrera at this point, since I no longer have a need for him, to see what I could get back to slip into the final keeper spot.

    Otherwise, it could be Mat Latos at $2.

  9. BJP says:

    You snagged Tulo, the #2 fantasy SS. This is a great deal for the Prof. School’s in session!

  10. Michael Keneski says:

    MY fault,,,I though in a past post you mentioned you had Tulo. Great pickup on your part. I dont see Gutierrez going 20/20. Montero could be a bust too.

  11. Adam says:

    I’m a big believer in giving up a couple good players for one great player. This is clearly one of those cases. How do you not give up two decent, great priced players for one great player at a good price. No brainer, great job.

  12. MB says:

    Steal of the year! If Tulo can be consistent from start to finish in Yankee Stadium west with a solid lineup, watch out.

  13. You got a great deal, but it does depend on what you have left at the catcher position.

  14. TY says:

    Great Deal. I’d try and move everth or Andrus now for something. Always go for the better player. Guit is not impressive to me, there’s 15 guys like him in the 10th round on, and Montero is great, especially in a two catcher league, but those two combined dont equal a 30/10 and .290 hitting SS.

  15. NOT TO BE A DICK says:

    but if i pulled off a trade like that i’d be thrilled for a few moments then start to wonder if i should move on to a more competitive league.

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